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Swedish Bingo – The 5-Line Bingo Game

Hmmm… thought that you knew it all about online bingo? As a matter of fact, hardcore bingo lovers might well answer “Yes, dear!” to that statement and mean it! But there are loads of peeps out there who may not have heard of Swedish Bingo. Now, don’t stress out your nerves if you’re amongst those who are a total stranger to this term. Lucky Pants Bingo is right here to teach you the A B C of Swedish Bingo. So, stuff your pockets with some snacks and start reading!

Swedish Bingo In A Nutshell!

You might be asking yourself, “It says Swedish Bingo somewhere and 5-Line bingo somewhere else… what is this thing?” Well, these two terms are basically the same thing. Swedish Bingo is also known as 5-Line Bingo. Bingo rookies might be unaware of the existence of this highly entertaining bingo variation. And there’s nothing wrong in that. The variant was previously a lonely game with no one to play. But this has changed! In fact, this online bingo game is in the middle of a big boom, gaining widespread popularity and becoming a true sensation around.

5-Line Bingo has managed to become one of the leading bingo variations of the online bingo league. Reason? Some say that there’s a far more likelihood of you bagging big wins on this one. Others greatly consider it as the most entertaining bingo adaptation ever created. Who to believe? Well, let your own experience be the best judge. Hop onto Lucky Pants Bingo and play!

Yeah, But How Is It Played?

If Swedish Bingo has to be summarised in the simplest form possible, then it would definitely be interpreted as this!

Swedish Bingo is a combo of 90-Ball Bingo and 75-Ball Bingo.

This statement is enough to make some of you folks scratch their hand in confusion with a “Wait, what?” on the tip of their tongue. Let’s face it… 90-Ball Bingo is so much fun and 75-Ball Bingo is unmatchable! But imagine a combination of these two bingo games. Alright, forget about imagining the combination since it already exists! And it bears the name Swedish Bingo!

As any other bingo variation, you will need to spot the perfect location to play Swedish Bingo. And if you’re a cheeky one at Lucky Pants Bingo, then good news! The bingo site proudly presents a bingo lobby with three gorgeous 5-Line Bingo Rooms. Browse through the list and enter the room of your choice to start the fun. Yep, it’s as simple as that.

The House Rules…

Inside the room, it is truly a haven of entertainment. You are offered a 5x5 bingo ticket. That reminded you of something? 75-Ball Bingo! But on Swedish Bingo, the middle FREE Grid is not existent. Each game of 5-Line Bingo offers 5 winning opportunities. Wait, have you already claimed your cards? Feel free to do so… the game is about to begin!

Ding, Ding, Ding! The Game is on! The bingo balls are shuffled, and one drawn out at a time. Each number that is taken out is marked on all cards that include them… just like classic bingo, you see. Now, the game continues until… a player completes one row of his/her card. You do love that part, right? It’s the moment you scream… BINGO! Wahoo!

Once again, the game continues after the wins for one-line is given. You might have already started guessing. The game continues until five-lines are won. The person winning the 5-line or Full House receives the biggest share of the prize pool! Who knows, if you’ll try Swedish Bingo at Lucky Pants Bingo, it could be you!

Unlike the standard Bingo games, which shall award you winnings if you complete a line from left to right, Swedish Bingo will consider it a win even if you match a line vertically. That’s the magical of playing Swedish Bingo. At a first glimpse, anyone who was unaware of the splendour of 5-Line Bingo could be confused. However, you won’t need much practice much to get into the swing of things around here.

Booked Your Ticket For Swedish Bingo?

Okay, which of those three Swedish Bingo rooms found at Lucky Pants Bingo are you going choose? Well, enthusiastic bingo players know that Fiver Frenzy, Bonus Booster and the phenomenal £10k Slider are the true sensations of Swedish Bingo at the bingo site. Suit yourself and check out the incredible lobby. Here, some Jackpots are reaching up to £10,000! Yeah, no kidding!

5-Line Bingo is also available on Pre-Buy. Purchase your bingo tickets in advance and show up on the red letter day to paint the town red!

If you want to play Swedish Bingo, log into your Lucky Pants Bingo account or feel free to register one. Are you thinking of depositing for the first time? Well, first time depositors are rewarded with a terrific welcome bonus. You will notice a majestic freebie seep in alongside your funds. And Lucky Pants Bingo bets that you’re going to like that!

Oh… Hey there, you are invited to the Fiver Frenzy room. Would you care to join the Swedish Party?

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