Complaints & Disputes

Although we hope that you never have cause to complain, we would ask that any complaints are raised as soon as possible, so that we can address any concerns you have.

We pride ourselves on dealing with complaints in a fair and appropriate manner. Our aim is to show you that we have understood your complaint, taken it seriously and to explain any steps we can take to address the issue.

We will endeavour to provide a response to you within 5 working days of receiving your complaint at each stage of our complaints process.

Stage 1: Raising your complaint

We will always seek to resolve complaints when you first contact us. You can discuss your complaint with our Customer Service Team. They will do their best to help you and try to resolve your complaint at first contact. Your complaint may be escalated to stage 2 if you are unhappy with the response given at this stage.

Stage 2: Escalating your complaint internally

If you are unhappy with our initial response, your complaint will be escalated to our Complaints Team. At this stage, we will thoroughly investigate your concerns, and discuss with you whether we can resolve your issue. We will work to provide you with a satisfactory resolution, however, if you remain unhappy with the outcome, we will issue you a final response. Following this response, you may then choose to escalate matters further with our dispute resolution body.

Stage 3: Escalating your complaint externally

For complaints regarding our services, this is the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) who will then contact us to obtain the relevant information.
You can contact IBAS by e-mail, post or telephone using the details provided on the IBAS website
IBAS will want to see that you have used the 3-stage process where possible. However, if your complaint has not been responded to in full within eight weeks from the point of notifying us, you may choose to contact IBAS before the 3-stage process has completed.
For any referral to IBAS, the decision made will be final.


Telephone: 0808 238 6070

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