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Chat Games

Adding more punch to the mix all hosted rooms will offer various chat games.

These side games will be running whilst a bingo game is playing. You can join in the fun and win some extra points or free cards. Lucky Pants’s friendly CMs will explain to you which chat game is being played or they will copy paste the information in the chat for you to read. Each game may have a different prize. Join in and you could discover you are great at them, in all cases its lots of fun!

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Terms and Conditions

  1. You must have deposited within 7 days to participate in the Chat Games.
  2. Chat games will be initiated if there are at least 3 funded players with a ticket in the game.
  3. Have at least 3 tickets in the Bingo Game to play the Chat Games.
  4. Win 1000 points per Chat Game on top of your Bingo winnings, unless specified otherwise.
  5. Chat Games are played at the end of a Bingo game unless specified otherwise.
  6. Only winners of the Full House (90 Ball) or the Pattern (75 Ball) are eligible to play the Chat Games, unless specified otherwise.
  7. Where specified, only your first answer will count to win a Chat Game.
  8. When a player has to give the answer, it should be written correctly. Caps not necessary.
  9. Where specified, wait for the Chat Host to shout “CG is on” to play the Chat Games.
  10. A player can win up to 3 Chat Games during the same hour and in the same room.
  11. Chat Games will be played at the discretion of the company
  12. Consider CG for Chat Game, CH for Chat Host and CM for Chat manager.
  13. Chat Host decision is final.