Play Some of the Top Online Slingo Games in the UK at Lucky Pants Bingo

As the genius combination suggests, online slingo games feature a mixture of slots and online bingo. You know us at Lucky Pants Bingo, we love to bring you the best online games you can find. You know we can’t get enough of the B-I-N-G-O action and we’re always here for some slots too. So slingo is right up our street, and we know it will be right up your street as well. All you need to do is try to successfully get your spins to match the icons on your ticket. Simple, right?

We never tease about bingo…and the same goes for slingo! So why not take this fun hybrid of the two for a whirl and play slingo games online with us today at Lucky Pants Bingo? Are you ready to peruse the fabulous range we have to offer? We know that you won’t be disappointed!

How to Play Slingo Online?

We know a thrill seeker when we see one…especially when it comes to playing slingo bingo! Slingo games combine the excitement of virtual slots with the entertainment of online bingo.

So, how does it work? Essentially, spins are used as turns to get the numbers that fill up your ticket. Like with any virtual slot, slingo games come with special features – like Wilds, which can boost or disrupt your gameplay depending on your luck. And depending on the theme of the game you’re playing, different online bonuses and free spins can apply too!

Bet on Slingo with Lucky Pants Bingo

You can select games of any variety when you play slingo with us online. Whether you’d like to try your hand at playing Slingo Rainbow Riches or add another layer to the mash up with Monopoly Slingo, we’ve got options to leave you spoilt for choice!

What theme to begin with? There’s a lot of slingo games out there – some are historical or based on Roman, Greek or Egyptian mythologies, which are sure to pack a retro punch!

If you’re a game show fan, you’re in luck. At Lucky Pants Bingo, you can have a go on Deal or No Deal Slingo, where you’ll make your way up the Prize Boost Ladder, or dim the lights and go for the gold with Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Slingo!

If you’d like to take your gameplay to the majesty of the Far East, try online slingo games like Slingo Fortunes and Slingo Xing Yun Xian. Or are you after the clovers and rainbows of rural Ireland? Slingo Rainbow Riches features rip-roaring bonuses straight from the Emerald Isle. Fancy a spin? The leprechauns await!

Still not sure? If you’re ready to take some serious heat, try Slingo XXXtreme, or take it down a few notches with Slingo Extreme. If you’d like a virtual fairground extravaganza, see what Slingo Carnival has in store!

Online Slingo Games Rules

Slingo is a super fun and super easy game to get your head around. You start every slingo game with a slingo card. The reels then spin and you find out if the numbers on the reels match the numbers you have on your ticket. Remember we told you it was a delightful mash-up of slots and bingo?!

For most slingo games, you’ll see a classic bingo board set up but with reels that spin too. In each round you’ll usually get 10 spins, with each spin revealing five numbers. Good luck!

When you play slingo, you win by completing as many lines as possible. And with each line you complete, you move up the prize ladder to claim some fabulous prizes and bonus features along the way.

When you bet on slingo, you’ll be looking to complete your grid of numbers. If you do, you’ll get a full house, just like in bingo. This will then pay out the top prize or bonus in the game. All slingo games are slightly different, meaning that you may have to complete a minimum number of lines before you can win a prize – it all depends on your chosen game.

Slingo isn’t just about crossing off the numbers on your tickets like in bingo. When you bet on slingo, you’re also trying to accumulate points too. Every spin awards you a different number of points in line with the action in the game – every game is slightly different but most often you’ll get points for clearing lines, clearing your card, landing coin symbols and spinning 3 – 5 Jokers or Super Jokers.

And just like in slots, when you play slingo, you’ll need to look out for the symbols in the game. In most slingo games they include:

  • A Joker – this is a wild symbol that can be used to mark off any number on one reel. If you get three or more, you’ll get an instant cash prize.  
  • A Super Joker – this is a wild that can mark off any number on the whole grid. If you get three or more, you’ll be rewarded with an instant cash prize.
  • A coin – land a coin and you’ll get an instant cash prize
  • A devil – if this naughty fella lands on the reels, it will block any potential matches

What are Lucky Pants Bingo’s Best Online Slingo Games?

At Lucky Pants Bingo, you know we’re a cheeky online bingo site. You also know that we do our very best to bring you the best online games with plenty of fun thrown in too. And if you ask us it doesn’t get more fun than online slingo.

We’ve got so many slingo games for you to try out too. Some of our favourites include:

  • Book of Slingo
  • Slingo Starburst
  • Red Hot Slingo
  • Slingo Sweet Bonanza
  • Slingo Bells
  • Slingo Reel King
  • Slingo Fluffy Favourites
  • Deal or No Deal Slingo
  • Slingo Who Wants to be a Millionaire
  • Slingo Ante Up

Win Real Cash Prizes Playing Online Slingo

You know what the best part is about playing online slingo? You can win some real cash prizes. So, not only do you get all the fun of both slots and bingo at the same time, but you can also walk away with some cash in your pocket too. Whether that’s from bagging yourself a full house, climbing that slingo ladder or unlocking some bonus features.

To be in with a chance of winning these real cash prizes, you’ll first need to register with us at Lucky Pants Bingo and deposit some money in your account before you play. Then you can play and bet on slingo to your heart’s content and pick up some cash prizes in the process. Just remember to put your lucky pants on!

How is Online Slingo Different from Other Bingo Games?

Slingo slots are a combination of online slots and bingo. This means that it brings the best of both games together! So, while you’re still keeping track of bingo balls, you can also take advantage of spins, as well as all the bonus rounds and features you’d expect when playing online slot games.

What Online Slingo Jackpots can I Win?

Many slots come with jackpots. But did you know slingo games offer them as well? These include progressive and fixed jackpot prizes, as well as a wide variety of extra bonuses that can help you increase your winnings.

Register To Play Slingo Games Online

Convinced about the genius combination of slots and bingo that makes up the wonders of online slingo? We thought so! Register on our site today and let the fun commence. And then go ahead and claim your share of our welcome bonus, or opt-in to some of our new promos via our promotions page.

And once you register with Lucky Pants Bingo, you can play on your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC at any time and from anywhere. All your favourite slingo games are just a click away! So get ready to play slingo today with Lucky Pants Bingo.

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