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Let’s hear all the players shout Bingo at Lucky Pants Bingo...! This fun game has been one of the most played games, be it land-based or online. 75 Ball bingo began in the 1940s in the United States and is considered a traditional bingo game. Yet, it uses a 75-Ball Bingo format with a 5X5 grid marked with numbers. Want to have a look at how it is played? Create an account at Lucky Pants Bingo to find out for yourself.

Let’s play!

You need to purchase cards in a 75 Ball Bingo room, these Bingo tickets are numbered from 1-75. The good thing is you can purchase as many cards as you want, this will increase your number of wins. Numbers will be called by the caller and this is done with a Random Number Generator. The numbers will be called out once and the same number should be cut off on the Bingo Card. Bingo cards come with an endless number of winning patterns, this makes it more fun!


Who calls out the number?

In a Bingo game, the Caller announces the numbers from 1 to 75 and these numbers are withdrawn by the system. Throughout the round, the numbers will be called only once.


All about the 75-Ball room!

Playing at Lucky Pants Bingo in a 75-ballroom game is pretty simple. When playing 75-ball Bingo, you will be given a set of rules on how to play. Well, while playing, don’t forget to keep an eye on the special promotions at Lucky Pants Bingo, who knows, you can land on one free ticket as well.

Wondering why 75 Ball room is popular, well, it’s easy and short! This classic game comes with a 5X5 grid with 5 numbers across and 5 numbers down.

You will see the word BINGO, every other letter there are the numbers for instance in the ‘B’ column, there are 5 random numbers from 1 to 15, column ‘I’, there are 5 numbers from 16 to 30, for the ‘N’ is from 31 to 45, the ‘G’ column has 46 to 60 and lastly, the ‘O’ comes with numbers 61 to 75.

At Lucky Pants Bingo, you will find the word ‘Free’ in the middle of the reels. In the game, you can also experience jackpots or pot of golds.

Before the game begins there will be a countdown to keep you updated on when the game will begin. You also need to fund your account before buying your cards at Lucky Pants Bingo.

To win on a Bingo game, the numbers found on the card must match the new ones that the caller draws. The number will be shown on your screen and the pattern as well.

75 Ball Bingo comes with a unique pattern and this varies from time to time. When the player wins a pattern, a message will pop up and congratulate you on landing on that specific pattern.

Wondering about the pay-outs?

You will find that the Bingo 75 pay-out is calculated by two things:

  1. How many players are there in the game, this means that the more players, the greater theprizes.
  2. The cost of the ticket, the higher the ticket prizes, the higher the amount to be won.

Are you up for a little chit chat?

You’ve got to try out the Lucky Pants’ Bingo chat room! You will meet our wonderful and friendly chat hosts who are always there to help you and play with you! Yes, the entertainment is never-ending at Lucky Pants Bingo! Chat hosts will play chat games with you during specific times and if you answer correctly, you will be rewarded with some goodies. Not to forget the interesting tournaments as well! In the Chat Box, you can also watch out for the updated promotions that are available at Lucky Pants Bingo.


Dare for some tips?

In a 75-ball Bingo room game, you need to understand the rules. One of the best times to play is during peak hours. You will have more players playing with you, thus the number of payouts will be more. However, don’t forget the entertainment!


Ready to Register?

Now that we’ve covered almost everything on Lucky Pants Bingo. Feel free to give 75 Bingo a try! Why not register at Lucky Pants Bingo, you will come across Saucy 75! This room is filled with entertainment and fun! Are you ready to click on the Join Now button?

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