What your favourite slots game says about you

Something we love chatting about at Lucky Pants Bingo is why different people are drawn to different slots. We have absolutely no scientific data to back this up, but we do believe our theory’s correct (at least, we’d like to think so). Here are our thoughts on the different types of players, their take on life, and the slots they play.

’Variety’s the spice of life’

You’re someone who likes new things. More accurately, you get bored easily and crave novelty. You’re a bit like a Golden Retriever puppy that’s super-interested in something, only to be distracted by… oh look, a squirrel! Some people may find this aspect of your personality a bit much, but there’s no doubt that in the right environment, you are absolutely, undoubtedly the life of the party. For you, being out, about, and with people is your calling in life, and the games you play reflect your quirky, slightly off-beat side.

If you were to describe yourself with one word, it would be “exciting”.

A few of your favourite slots

’To infinity and beyond!’

You would often lie under the stars at night, wondering what was waiting for you out in the deep, dark depths of space. During the day, you’d bury your nose in books about the vastness of the universe, or about the mysteries of our own past and things we still didn’t know about our planet. Some people may have thought you were a loner, but your mind and imagination were exploring places others didn’t even dream about. Maybe you once tried to build a home-made rocket and nearly burnt down the shed, or got scolded by your mum for digging up her precious garden.

If you were to describe yourself with one word, it would be “curious”.

A few of your favourite slots

’I speak with my fists! Or my legs! Or my hands!’

You remember a time when nothing made you happier than breaking out into a full sprint down the beach, or going for that buzzer-beater three-pointer, or tackling the opposing forward when they tried to go for a goal. You’re a person of few words, preferring to let your actions speak for themselves. When you do speak, your words are straightforward and to the point. Those who don’t know you very well might consider you simple, while those who do, know you only speak when you have something worthwhile to say.

If you were to describe yourself with one word, it would be “physical”.

’The winter holidays are my favourite time of year’

People know you for your happy-go-lucky attitude, and your best traits come into their own around the holiday season, with all the great food, love, and festive cheer that comes with it. Even your critics, the ever-sour cynics, describe you as “sickly sweet”. If something were to interrupt your break, like a pandemic, or alien invasion, you’d likely be sad for a minute, then find something you love to take your mind off the change in plans.

If you were to describe yourself with one word, it would be “optimistic”.

A few of your favourite slots

’If I have ever seen magic, it’s been in Africa’

As a child, the first thing you did when you came home from school was kick off your shoes and head to the woods behind your house. The monotony of regular school life was broken by these mini-adventures in nature, as well as by trips to your grandparents’ farm, where you played with the dogs, chased the chickens (or got chased by them, depending on the day), and rode horses.

When you grew up, your love of nature never went away, and you chose to follow your heart. You’re the kind of person who works at a government nature reserve, helped out at an African wildlife animal rescue for a few months, or volunteered to help in a village in South America (or did all the above). When it comes to the outdoors, you think big.

If you were to describe yourself with one word, it would be “adventurous”.

Your favourite slots

’Go big or go home’

You’re an interesting person. If you were someone who grew up with a lot less than others, you knew you had to break the mould, and then reforge it with your bare hands if you were going to escape the circumstances you were born into and demonstrate your greatness to the world. If you were someone who grew up with more than most people, ordinary accomplishments would not cut it. You would need to absolutely wow the people around you if you were ever going to get their attention.

Being born into either of these situations are why when it comes to many aspects of your life, you always go for broke.

If you were to describe yourself with one word, it would be “show me the money” (okay, that’s four).

Your favourite slots

’The best things in life are free’

Some people think you’re a cheapskate. Others think you’re a genius. But it doesn’t matter what they think – you know how to have a good time playing online slots free of charge, even if you’ll never win anything. You’re someone who understands that it’s the simple things in life that matter and that money can’t buy you happiness (except when it does, like that time you bought your nan a new television after her old one broke, or you got your little brother a new video game console).

If you were to describe yourself with one word, it would be “frugal”.

A few of your favourite slots

  • Any slots game that’s free.

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Anonymous / 18 January 2021