What People Call their Loved Ones Around the World

There’s no doubt that many of you reading this had a teenage relationship where you called each other embarrassing nicknames, like Pooky, which might come out in late-night throwback conversations with friends, and which still make you blush.

You don’t even have to share any of this information in the chat box when you play online bingo, but we thought it might be fun to laugh at all of the cutest, silliest and downright most bizarre names that people call their loved ones all over the world, whether you’re single or attached. After all, surely we can all do better than “dearest”, “babe” or even “darlingest darling”. Take a look and see how many of them would work for you!

My moon – Arabic

“Ya amar” sounds quite romantic, and one that we think is quite sweet, although a combination of teenagers, car windows and easy-to-pull-down trousers may have ruined “my moon” for everyone in the English-speaking world. However, that’s not to say that you can’t bring a bit of lunar inspiration into a close relationship, especially if you happen to have a particularly scenic spot where you can look at the moon from. Safely, that is.

Silly pig – Cantonese