How to have the perfect indoor picnic

Whether you’re looking for something romantic to do for a birthday or special occasion, or just because your loved one is worth something magical any day of the year, then a picnic is always a hit.

Soft, cushiony blanket? Tick. Delicious finger foods? Tick. A bottle of whatever brew you’re both a fan of? Tick. Romantic games? Tick. The perfect outdoor setting? Errrrrm. Maybe not so much at the moment. The good ol’ British winter is hardly on the charm offensive when it comes to hosting an outdoor picnic (our summers can be a bit iffy too). This, combined with the fact most people are, thankfully, not rushing outdoors at the moment, means you might have to have a Plan B when it comes to picnic locations.

Worry not, our picnic-panicked brethren! We have a plan. A bold plan for sure — but a plan that’s bound to be equally as romantic and a whole lot warmer – and that’s surely the charm. We’re talking about hosting an epic indoor picnic, of course, and we’re here to help you set it up in a few easy steps. Let’s get on with it, shall we?


Now, we know that going deep onto a forest or a park would have been the ideal situation here, but don’t let that get you down. Choose a location in your home that’s really snug, and comfortable enough for you to spread out a bit. (Even the most incurable romantic might not appreciate a picnic in the bathroom.) If you’ve got a fireplace or cosy heater, then try building your picnic around that. The living room or lounge – and even the bedroom – should make a perfect spot for your indoor picnic.


Say this word after us: “Ambience.” One more time… “ambience”. An indoor picnic is all about ambience and – no matter how much effort you put into it – no one’s going to have a romantic time under a fluorescent bulb.

Take the time to find the right kind of lighting for your romantic do. If you’re doing it in the day, then natural light is always a winner, and you can always pair it up with a little soft accent lighting if it isn’t quite bright enough. If you’re having an evening picnic, then your best bet – to turn up the romance full-blast – is undoubtedly candles. (Whatever you do, avoid the bare, overhead light bulb, people – it does no favours for selfies or ambience!)

Try to locate some nice, slightly scented candles for the evening and your lighting is going to bring a whole lot of ooh la la to the table.


Just because you’re having a picnic at home doesn’t mean you should skimp on the decor. No, siree! A blanket is a necessity for any kind of picnic – indoors or out – so make sure you use a nice one. A picnic basket or hamper isn’t necessarily a must-have (it’s not like you’ve got far to go with it), but if you own one, then it might be a nice touch.

The wonderful thing about having an indoor picnic is that you don’t have to lug your crockery and cutlery all over the show, and you won’t have to drink or eat off plastic picnicware. You can really go all out on the place settings here, and set up your food and drink on beautiful platters and plates, glasses and goblets, boards, and pretty much anything that you think is going to look great. (Don’t forget the wine chiller or ice bucket for beers, if either is your bag!)


We aren’t sure about you, but the actual food and drinks that one consumes at a picnic are almost always the main reason that we want to attend such events. Don’t get us wrong: the company is often delightful, but it’s the nosh and bevs that really make or break picnics.

Ensure you get your hands on your loved one’s favourite alcoholic (or non) drink and then go all out on the snacks. We’re talking an absolute smorgasbord of finger-food delight. Easy to make, easy to eat, and most importantly: DELICIOUS. We’re talking cheese and meat boards, spring rolls, easy-to-eat fruits, mini pizzas and the lot. If your culinary skills are below average, then you could even consider getting all of your picnic goodies from a local company that provides the service. However, most picnic food can just be bought straight from a shop and plated up beautifully. (Of course, if you’re a real whizz in the kitchen department, you might prefer to make your own sexy-looking quiche or dreamy baked cheesecake to wow your partner, but that’s up to you!)


If you want to take your indoor picnic to the next level on the romance side, then find some cute, quirky and even saucy games to play. Check out our list of Cheeky Adults Only Bingo Ideas for some inspiration. Games are a good way to break the ice and set a playful mood; they’re also a fun way to connect with your partner that you might not have thought of before. So go on, let your hair down!


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Anonymous / 21 February 2021