Cheeky adults only/after dark bingo games

We get it – it’s not always easy to keep up the intimacy in a relationship at all times. Some folks have kids, others have pets and projects, hectic job schedules and pretty much everything else in between. It’s not that you don’t want to get saucy with your significant other, it's just that sometimes finding the time and energy is not always easy.

An important thing to remember is that it’s not always about getting lucky! Intimacy could be romantic dates, cooking together, relaxing, and of course a little rough and tumble in the bedroom never hurt. The important thing is to get into the mood.

So, with this in mind, we’ve put together a couple of adult-only online bingo games that you can play with your loved one, depending on whether your freaky barometer is set at “seductively romantic” or “no-holds-barred”.

At-home bingo date night

Sometimes going out on the town or getting rowdy in the bedroom aren’t options, and that’s usually down to the babysitter being unavailable and your “little bundles of joy” deciding that your bedroom is the perfect place to lay down their angelic heads for the night.

Do not despair, intimacy-starved brethren! There’s always a way to get in some quality time with your loved one at home, and it doesn’t have to be dirty.

Say hello to your at-home bingo date night! “What’s that?” you ask…

An at-home bingo date night is pretty simple to pull off, really. Download some blank online bingo cards and simply fill the gaps up with fun, silly and personal ideas that you can do during the evening. This could be anything from having a glass of wine together on the porch, to giving a 10-minute massage, baking some cookies together, or having a push-up competition. You could also incorporate things like talking about your hopes, dreams and fears, etc. Don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper – this is all about spending quality time with your special human.

All you need to do is grab a couple of dice and some playing chips/printouts, and you do the action that’s written on the square where the dice makes you put your piece. Of course, you’re both winners in this game, and you can keep going until you finish the card or simply stop when you get into a deep and riveting conversation. (Unless you’ve already ended up in the bedroom, that is!)

‘Naughty night out’ bingo

If you’ve managed to book a babysitter for the evening, or you actually don’t have kids, then this is the time to get naughty out and about on the town! This fun and exhilarating game is a wonderful way to enjoy a night out with your loved one and take in a few saucy stops on the way. Now, we don’t want you getting arrested for public indecency, so try to keep things a little clean if you can.

This bingo game follows the same set-up and rules as the at-home bingo game, but the actions on the card are going to change. Both you and your partner should fill out ideas on each of your cards that you think would make for a good night out. This could include anything from having a heavy-petting session in an empty parking lot or snogging at every red light to having ice cream while watching the sunset, going to a local comedy club or even trying out a high-class gentlemen’s club. Anything and everything goes, and it’s up to you to set the mood for the night.

Sexy bedroom bingo

Ah! We bet this is the part that you’ve all been waiting for, isn’t it? This is where all the action happens… Well, not all… You have to try and wait until the game is done before you get into each other’s lucky pants!

Sexy bedroom bingo goes the same as those above but has a more saucy side to it. Ensure the kiddies are asleep or staying with Grandma for this one! Make sure each of you has an individual bingo card and then write down a few things that you would like to have done to you – or that you fancy doing to your partner. This could be anything from naked wrestling and teasing your partner with ice cubes (or feathers) to giving them a sensual, full-body massage in a candlelit room. It’s up to you two to call the shots. Let your imagination run wild with this one – we’re not sure we can (or should) actually tell you what to get up to in this blog, but if it would raise some eyebrows… you’ve probably hit the right tone!

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Anonymous / 22 January 2021