Deal or No Deal Roulette

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  • Deal or No Deal Roulette

Endemol Shine Gaming brings to you another interesting creation known as Deal or No Deal Roulette. It is a version of the classic casino game but with a Deal or No Deal twist. The Deal or No Deal or Banker’s Spin bonuses give you the chance to trigger prizes in two fun games linked to the iconic TV show. Be ready to explore the game and experience a thrill out of it!

Did you know that Roulette has another name? It is ‘The Devil’s Game’. That’s because all of the numbers on the wheel add up to 666. Deal or No Deal Roulette is available to play on any devices, such as tablets, mobile phones and desktops. Take a trip to Lucky Pants Bingo and enjoy the game!

Get started by placing any traditional roulette bets on the betting cloth before spinning the wheel! The stakes on the BONUS BET will give you a chance of winning the Deal or No Deal or Banker’s Spin bonuses. And that’s if the bonus icons on the second wheel land with a segment where the ball comes to rest. Keep an eye out for the Deal or No Deal bonus!

The Deal or No Deal bonus will give you the opportunity to play through the iconic game from the TV show. You must try and beat The Banker by playing through up to 4 rounds of box picking until you open your lucky box or Deal on one of The Banker’s Offers.

The fun on Deal or No Deal Roulette lies in the Banker’s Spin Bonus. This gives you up to 3 Spins to collect the best prize from the roulette wheel, deciding whether to Deal or No Deal after each spin. What’s more? Do not forget to keep track of all previous results in the history bar!

The payouts available on Deal or No Deal Roulette are as follows:

  • Single Number pays 36x
  • 2 Way Split pays 18x
  • 3 Way Split pays 12x
  • 4 Way Split pays 9x
  • 6 Way Split pays 6x
  • Dozen or Column pays 3x
  • 1-18 or 19-36 pays 2x
  • Odd or Even pays 2x
  • Red or Black pays 2x
  • Deal or No Deal Bonus win up to 150x
  • Banker’s Spin Bonus win up to 101x

How did you find Deal or No Deal Roulette? Fun… right? Feel free to hop over at one of UK’s online bingo sites – Lucky Pants Bingo to play more Roulette variations. Want some recommendations? You may want to try Double Bonus Spin Roulette or Key Bet Roulette. Or, you can try some other table & Card games, such as Super Wheel, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, Blackjack Perfect Pairs. Roulette Games are only available to Gold Level + players. 

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