Tutans Treasure

Tutans Treasure

Play on Tutans Treasure and travel to the heart of an ancient tomb to find treasures on this Egyptian themed game. You need to complete artifacts with the gems that you land. Select your artifact, place your stake, and spin. The gems are added to the combinations to help get the relic and let the players win a potential prize.

Tutan’s Treasure

You now find yourself inside the tomb of Tutankhamun with the sand and heat being your only companions. Intricate hieroglyphs line the walls of the tunnels that lead to the burial chamber. The gate is flanked with two Egyptian Gods watching at those who trespass these sacred grounds. A dim light fills the chamber and there it was, in the corner of the room, the sarcophagus of the most popular Pharaoh of Egypt.

Thanks to Slingo Originals, you may now brave the halls of Tutankhamun’s tomb and grab the many riches and rewards that await inside. When you load the game, you will see that you are in the tomb, with the background relating to the dim-lit room of the burial chamber. Torches are set alight and they try to dispel the shadows. The game happens in the foreground where there are symbols and the reels.

To play Tutan’s Treasure, you need to own an account at Lucky Pants Bingo. Don’t have one yet? Don’t worry! You may register for free by clicking on the Join Now button. When you own an account at Lucky Pants Bingo, you can play up to 600+ slot games and the top bingo variations of the site on your mobile.

Choose the stakes of your choice by clicking on the Spin for tab at the right of the screen. A pop up will let you choose your desired stake and you can set it at a minimum of 1 per round. Like all Slingo games, you are given a number of spins per round. On this game, you are given five.

There are various symbols that can land on the grid of Tutan’s Treasure Slot. These symbols are depicted as different kinds of rocks and ores. Apparently, they have great importance here. Plus, you may land five kinds of artefacts during each round. Use the arrows of the game to switch the current artefacts and rocks at play.

When you change, notice that the volatility of the game also changes. In fact, Tutan’s Treasure is one of those rare games where the player gets to control, the volatility. Why does it change? This is because some treasures are easier to land than others. And of course, the harder a treasure is to land, the better rewards it brings. You will have five spins to complete a combination of artefacts and symbols on your grid. Each completed artefact reaps a reward!

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Ready to wander inside the tomb of Tutankhamun?