Throne of Osiris

Throne of Osiris

For centuries, we always had a keen interest in the culture and myths of Egypt in particular; the legend of an ancient culture that believed in an afterlife, death and rejuvenation. The spirit eventually transferred to Playzido’s slot machines and the ancient Egypt theme was born. Witness Horus’ Rage and Seth’s Fury on this 7-reel slot game! Dare to compete with the gods for the Throne?

Throne of Osiris Slot

Ever heard of Osiris? He was the god of the dead and ruler of the underworld. The latter was also the husband/brother of Isis, as well as the brother of Nephthys and Seth. Along with being a god of the dead, Osiris was a god of fertility and resurrection. In fact, the ancient Egyptians thought that Osiris offered them the gift of barley, one of their most significant crops.

Osiris makes up the theme of a slot game called Throne of Osiris Slot. This online machine follows the fight between Horus and Seth to claim the throne of the Egyptian gods. Packed with 7 reels, it also offers 40 paylines. Ready to discover this Endemol Shine Gaming's creation?

Symbols that you will find on the reels include Eye of Ra, a Djed, Horus, Ankh, Seth, Infinity and Crown. Throne of Osiris Slot is also playable on any iOS and Android devices. Start the ball rolling on one of UK’s online bingo sites – Lucky Pants Bingo!

To play the game, you must adjust the preferred bet amount! The stakes are available in the Stake field and range from 0.40, 0.80, 1.20, 1.60, 2, 3.20, 4, 4.80, 6, 8, 12, 16, 40, 80 to 200. The paylines on Throne of Osiris Slot cannot be modified at any point. The Autoplay Feature is a little different compared to other games. It gives you the option to write the number of spins that you would like to play on its own.

Be prepared to come across two Wild Symbols! They are known as Pearlescent Scarab Wilds and Golden Khepri Scarab Wilds. The Pearlescent Scarab Wilds take the place of all other symbols and show up on any of the centre 3 reels. When it comes to the Golden Khepri Scarab Wilds, these open their wings and stick to the reels for up to 3 spins.

Kick off the Horus’s Rage Feature by getting 4 Horus Symbols in the left-hand side group of 4. During the feature, you get 10 free spins to try your luck. The 4 symbols will transform into a Horus Colossal and held in position for the spins. Seth’s Fury Feature becomes active by getting 4 Seth Symbols in the right-hand side group of 4. In this round, you receive 10 free spins as well. The 4 symbols will transform into a Seth colossal and held in position for the spins.

Extend the fun in the Ancient Anger Feature on Throne of Osiris Slot! Both free spins features can become active at the same time on any spin. This can happen by overlapping the current free spins or simultaneously. And this is when the Ancient Anger Feature is triggered. The low symbols will then be removed from the reels and the number of high symbols will increase.

Any landed Scarab Wild on Throne of Osiris Slot can turn sticky and remain for up to 3 spins. You can also have the blessing of Osiris. The latter can bless the reels on any spin and award a win multiplier of up to 25x. Interesting, isn’t it?

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