Super Wheel

Super Wheel

Take your chance on the Super Wheel - this classic table game has a modern lucky-charm twist! The wheel features the numbers 1,3,5, 11 and 23, plus horseshoe and clover symbols for bigger cash prizes: simply predict where the pointer will land to collect your prize! Got your guess ready? Places your bets... let's play Super Wheel!

Super Wheel Table Game

Super Wheel is a table game that has been brought to you by Play’n Go It features a concept combining a betting table and a wheel of fortune. This game of fortune can be played at Lucky Pants Bingo. The game will provide you with the perfect casino atmosphere with a betting table found in front of a dark blue curtain, where you will also find the super wheel. This wheel is divided into 52 different fields, and you can be awarded a payout of up to 47:1 for landing on certain positions.

Chip denominations vary from 1, 5, 10, 25, and 100 and place your bet on the betting area by clicking on your preferred chip value and dragging it to the betting area. An additional click on the same betting area will add further chips of the same value selected. Use the Rebet button to place similar bets as your previous game, or use the Clear All button to remove all the bets on the betting table. On any placed chips on the betting area, you can click the x chip to remove them. You can stake up to £100 on a betting area and a total of up to £500 per game. The minimum bet per game is £1. By clicking on the setting button, you can alter settings such as clear table on losing rounds, fast play, voice, sound, and clear table on winning games.

When playing the game, your aim is to successfully predict the number on which you think the wheel will stop. There are seven different positions on which the super wheel can stop and you can play your bets on these positions. After placing your bets on the betting areas, you can press on the Spin button for a new game to begin. Here you will find the wheel spinning to finally stop between the pegs to reveal the winning number. You can earn the top payout of 47:1 if the wheel stops on the Four Leaf Clover or Horse Shoe symbol, and if the wheel halts on the number 23, you will earn a payout of 23:1. You are awarded a payout of 11:1 when the indicator stops on 11 on the wheel. A bet placed on number 5 will award you 5:1 while a payout of 3:1 is awarded if the wheel stops on 3. Finally, you can get a payout of 1:1 for a bet placed on number 1.

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