Slingo Lightning

Slingo Lightning

Begin your lightning-based adventure on the reels of Slingo Lightning! You will have 8 spins to mark off your numbers and create a line. As you do, you will get Slingo. Watch out for the features, these include a wild, super wild, and a blocker. As you spin, you will get to enjoy top graphics and soundtrack – all this only adds to the atmosphere of the game.

Slingo Lightning

Can you hear the rumble of thunder in the distance? The greyscale skies are taunting you. Well, here is a lightning themed Slingo game for you. Head to Lucky Pants Bingo and discover Slingo Lightning from Slingo Original games. Head into the eye of the storm on this electric game.

If you are a fan of great visuals on slot games, then this game has it all. After all, this game is the work of Slingo Originals. This review at Lucky Pants Bingo highlights all the great elements that you need to know at Slingo Lightning.

Be prepared to jump straight into the action with this game that let the thrills mount to new heights. You will be right in the eye of the storm and the rewards will be swirling all around. If you’re lucky, then you will be able to grab some!

There is a series of symbols that are here to allow you to win, on Slingo Lightning. You may see the Wild Lightning Bolt Symbol. This one is quite important in the game. This is because it can mark off any number on the column above it. This way, you will be able to complete your Slingos even quicker! Work your way towards improving your pays by completing Slingo and ascend the rewards ladder.

The Super Wild Lightning Bolt is like the Wild Lightning Symbol. However, it has an extra ability. Instead of just marking off one of the symbols, it will mark off all examples of the number of the whole grid.

You will also find the Free Spins Symbol. As the name suggests, it will grant you a free spin on Slingo Lightning. This spin will not be counted on the spins given to you when you start the game.

Whenever you mark a number, it will appear with a star overlay. The numbers on the ball hopper on the screen will show you how many spins you have left. To win, you need to complete star overlays in a line, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Watch out for the Cross symbols. They act as the symbol blocker. You will not be able to land combinations on the columns that it appears in.

If you use all your spins, you can purchase additional ones. To do so, wait for the game to be over and purchase additional spins through the tabs on the screen.

You begin playing Slingo Lightning by picking the values that you like as the wagers of your choice. Set the bets between 0.20 up to 25 per round. You will be given 8 spins to play the game.

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