Slingo Advance

Slingo Advance

On Slingo Advance players have a range of options when it comes to winning top prizes. These jackpots include completing the letter T on the grid., You get a prize for getting the letter X. But the big payout comes for the Full House. Slingo Advance is played on a 5x5 grid and has been designed around a retro 80s theme.

Slingo Advance

Retro style gaming comes back with Slingo Advance. This variation of Slingo is based on a rather peculiar theme. That is because Slingo is quite modern and the theme is quite classic. The game comes from the workshops of Slingo Originals, the main provider behind some of the greatest Slingo games of the industry.

Geometrical shapes and neon lights have been used to come up with the visuals of this game. And it looks great, like a vintage Vegas style if you like! If you are wondering about the details of the game, feel free to check out this review at Lucky Pants Bingo.

To play this title, you need to have an account at Lucky Pants Bingo, the bingo site. Log into your account and load the game. You are allowed to set the bets of your choice. Simply click on the pulsing stake tab at the bottom of the screen. Then, you can choose from 1 to 100 as stake values per round. When you’re done with the stakes, click on the start button for the game to begin.

Unlike slot games, Slingo games don’t come with symbols. The only symbols are numbers and bonus ones. Bonus symbols can be considered modifiers as they will grant you bonuses that can either allow you to create win lines more easily or pose as an obstacle.

Find the following bonus symbols as part of the gameplay.

Joker Symbols: This acts as a wild symbol. You can mark off any number that you want on the column that it lands on.

Free Spins Symbol: You get an extra spin on the game. It Is not counted as part of your spins for the round.

Advance Symbol: You will unlock the next row and that will give you an extra spin.

Blocker Symbol: This symbol will block further numbers from appearing on the reels.

Slingo Advance plays on the classic Slingo grid. You are given a pattern to complete. If you manage to get numbers that complete this pattern, you will get a win! But there’s an extra fun part available on Slingo Advance. Just as the name says, you need to get a Slingo to advance! On your first spin, match 1 number on row 1 to open up row 2 and get 1 extra Free Spin. On spin 2, match 2 numbers on row 2 to get access to row 3 and unlock a spin, this continues until you’ve unlocked all the 5 rows.

You will still earn wins as you complete Slingo, this means whenever you get a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line - but the pattern gives you the jackpot!

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