Sea Hunter

Sea Hunter

The cannons are loaded in Sea Hunter, a 3-reel video slot played across 5 fixed pay lines, featuring underwater creatures swimming in the ocean. Hold your breath in this deep lagoon and hunt around the ocean floor, littered with treasure chests and sea creatures! Get spinning anytime and let Sea Hunter take your breath away virtually.


Dive into the magical waters on Sea Hunter Slot powered by PlaynGo, and hunt for the precious hidden treasures. This online slots has been beautifully designed, and comes packed with 3 reels, 5 paylines. The backdrop displays the underwaters, with several sea creatures. When it comes to the reels, they have been created as ship anchors which matches the theme of the game perfectly. The symbols that have been put together are Jellyfish, Sea Turtle, Fish, Manta ray, Octopus, Clownfish, Whale, and Sea Urchin. Be prepared for an enjoyable gaming experience at Lucky Pants Bingo.

The stakes on Sea Hunter Slot range from £0.05 to £100.00. To be able to adjust it, you will need to click on the Bet field. There, you will be greeted with several betting options, from which you can choose your preferred amount. As for the 5 paylines, it remains active throughout your gaming session. Up to 125x your total bet can be won on this high variant game. There is also another special symbol that you will come across on the reels. It is the Golden Ball which represents the Wild Card on Sea Hunter Slot.

On Sea Hunter Slot, you can trigger the cannons for greater and enjoyable wins. There is a meter on the cannons, and when it gets to the necessary expected level, you will get a cannon power-up on the next spin. In the event that there are no wins, the meter is reset. The different levels on the cannon meter are as follows:

Multiply Mortar – After 6 successive winning spins, you are offered one free spin on which you can win amazing prizes on Sea Hunter Slot.  The cannons will after then shoot at the reels, and your prizes will be multiplied by a number. It could be up to a maximum of 15x.

Wild Warhead – Between 1 to 3 Wilds will be included onto the reels after five successive winning spins. They will randomly be placed; hence increase winning chances.

Sticky Shot – This level is reached when you have won on 4 successive spins on Sea Hunter Slot. The cannons will target one type of symbol. All equivalent symbols including the Wilds will stick to the reels, and you will be rewarded with one free Respin. The meter increases by one if the spin grants a win.

Growth Run – Whenever you win on successive spins, you will reach on this level. On the next spin, you may expect to see the cannons shooting at one specific type of symbol on Sea Hunter Slot. As per the paytable, the equivalent symbols will then be upgraded to the next symbol. Nevertheless, the Wild Symbol cannot be upgraded or selected. Your winnings will be added at the end of the spin.

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