Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal

Make some noise for Playzido’s top game called Deal or No Deal Box Picker. Here, you’ll need to make the right choices. The banker is a shrew and will attempt to do various deals with you that might not be that rewarding. But be sure to make the right decision for better winnings! So, will you be calling it a deal or a no deal?

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is the title of various closely related television game shows. It is played with up to 26 cases, each comprising randomly assigned sums of money. Usually, the player claims one case or a box at the start of the game, without its contents being uncovered. The participant then selects the other cases or boxes, one at a time, to be opened and removed from play.

Throughout the play, the player is given an amount of money to quit, being asked the titular question, "Deal or no deal?" If the participant rejects every deal and removes all the other cases or boxes, the player keeps the money that was in the initial case or box. Hence, the participant "wins" based on whether the player should have held onto the original case or box until the very end or should have taken one of the deals.

Endemol Shine Gaming brings Deal or No Deal online for players who have always wished to participate in the game show. Make your own deal decisions between you and The Banker. What’s great? The game is fully optimised for desktops, tablets and mobile phone devices. Experience a thrill out of it at Lucky Pants Bingo!

Get ready to explore the game by choosing the desired stake amount! There is a Balance field on the left-hand side where you can check your balance from time to time. On the right-hand side, you will notice the stakes displayed. Start off by picking your Lucky Box from any of the 26 boxes on the shelves!

During the game, you must play through up to 5 rounds of Deal or No Deal box picking. You should either use the ‘QUICK PICK BOXES’ button to auto-pick boxes for you in each round or select each individual boxes.

After each round, when The Banker’s Offer pops up, you must select whether to ‘DEAL’ or ‘NO DEAL’ using the appropriate button. Clicking on ‘DEAL’ will accept the cash offer. The current game will then end and you will be awarded the cash amount of the offer. Plus, you will see the value inside your Lucky Box. Clicking on ‘NO DEAL’ will reject the cash offer and continue on to the next box picking session.

As soon as there are only 2 boxes remaining, The Banker will make its last offer. Hitting ‘NO DEAL’ on this offer will pay out the amount within your Lucky Box. So, ladies and gents, how did you find the game? Interesting…right?

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