When celebrities lose their Lucky Pants!

12 years, a wedding and 6 kids later, one of Hollywood’s most glamourous couple is splitting. Yes, we are sure you know of whom we are speaking of. One of the most famous Hollywood couple, Mr & Mrs Smith! Oh yes, it was a shock to hear that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are going through a divorce, after 12 years of togetherness. This break-up story is like a new serial which is being followed by many to know how this will end up. After all, we all love drama!

Do you really see Pitt as a strict daddy? Or what do you think about Jolie getting full custody of the couple’s six children? Well, here is some fresh news for you!

It would seem that the custody of the kids will be shared by both parents, but Brad’s time with his kids will be supervised. The main question remains though; do we really know what caused the divorce?

Let’s take a dip further into Hollywood now, as we also heard that two other famous couple have put an end to their 5-year relationship: Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney, and Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart.

The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga, split from her Beau Taylor Kinney back in August. There is still hope that the couple might get back together. Lady Gaga says during an interview that it is just a little break and she still believes that Taylor is her soulmate. Let’s hope it is not just a bad romance!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart also ended their relationship. It was claimed that Jennifer broke up from her younger partner, as he did not attend a charity event with her. Young Casper opted for a boys’ night out instead! It looks like they do not share the same priorities, don’t you think so? ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ single by Jennifer Lopez has reached the top-ten in Finland and France and hit the charts in some other European territories.

You never know when luck might find you or your day might guide you, when you are wearing your Lucky Pants”.

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