What’s The Tea On Your Favourite Soaps?

The time has come … The time that you’ve all been waiting for … Drum roll please, it’s the time of the juicy chats on your favourite soaps!

Let’s spill the tea…... It’s going to be hot!

There have been quite a few dramas in the past weeks and Lucky Pants Bingo knows that you’ve been dribbling on every episode. Today, you will be showered with some fresh canards that you wouldn’t want to miss. Just take a sneaky look at the exciting scandals! There might be some clues scattered here and there that can grant you with some FREE spins.

All the Hollyoaks binge watchers, your attention, please.  Russ has no clue how to deal with Mercedes. On the other hand, Sylver McQueen tries to help Russ, putting all his feeling for Mercedes sideways. In the meantime, Alfie doesn’t want to help unbutton what he has done. He refuses to do anything and further decides that Ellie can remain in, lockup. In parallel, James unwillingly engages Sami for help. He wants to discover any inadequacy in Ellie’s case. OH!! That’s a thrill, right? Alfie thinks that everyone is against him when Marnie and James make the shocking discovery that he did not take his pills. They want some answers!

You thought that was it? We’ve just started! Emmerdale fans, we’ve got your back. Tracy Metcalfe and Priya Sharma are quite anxious when they arrive at Dale View. Ross welcomes them with loud music playing on. It doesn’t take long before Priya and Jimmy King find an excuse to vanish. They felt awkward – that’s the least you can say. Things take quite a turn. After Ross opens about Rebecca with Tracy, the latter is heartbroken. Is it not sad? :( Somewhere the truth is being revealed. What’s the truth??? You will have to wait for tonight’s show.

A shocking discovery happens on Coronation Street. What can it be? Overwhelmed with loads of feelings, Liz heads to Katie’s grave after handing Hannah a piece of jewel – a necklace. She is into pieces and breaks down. Somewhere, Jim shares with Steve that his sister is alive. With the help of Tracy, Steve searches on the internet for more details about her sister – Hannah. Is Hannah the person she says she is? Meanwhile, Leanne Battersby makes a big revelation. She confesses to Toyah that she been going with someone from work and later spill the beans that its Adam. Toyah guessed it in some ways. All set for tonight’s show? What do you think will happen?

The fiesta of juicy gossips rolls on to EastEnders. The shooting victim’s health starts to get worst. At some place, Rainie is confused as she forgot that the welfare officer would pay her a visit. When he arrives, Rainie speeds to the car lot for Max. Next, the officer talks to Ricky and Amy alone. He wants to know what’s been going on in the Branning’s home. Max is relieved by the events since everything went smooth. However, Rainie can’t deal with that any more. She packs her bag and… will she go or not?

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* Why is Tracy Heart Broken? *

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