When I hear James Bond, the first thing that comes to my mind is the image of the perfect man.  One who you would introduce to your family; smart, sharp, simple, rich, daring and treats women right.

But what if James Bond was a woman? What if the spy had to wear a dress with high heels instead of the classy masculine tuxedo?

It’s difficult to replace Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and specially Daniel Craig from my thoughts with a woman figure.

Ever since I've been watching the James Bond movies or reading the 007 books, I have been impressed by his charming traits. Bond’s attitude, shrewd reflex and plan Bs have a set in stone impact on me.

If we put our Smarty brains together, how would the Lady-bond really be?

To start with, she would certainly have a model figure, and yes we are talking of 175cms, fit, with a fringe and bob haircut on a gorgeous face.

Lady-Bond would wear her red lace dresses for impressive bingo party entries and make everyone drool with her Marilyn Monroe look.

A black cat-dress when on mission to give her the ease of moving around and throw her kicks when needs be.

Get ready to see the wind blow her skirt showing her Lucky Pants in the fight scenes where she does not even have time to swap to her cat-dress.

No more strong drinks for the lady, she will surely enjoy her sweet and succulent cocktails while enjoying her favourite bingo after a long and tiring mission instead of being at the bar.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think that lady bond will be a sweet housewife and mother of her three kids, brace yourselves because this is absolutely not the case!

Bond rhymes with Bold, and that’s how she will be. Don’t be jealous Catwoman and put your claws back in - you're about to have some serious competition!

Now that so much has changed and almost figured out how lady bond would be, we might have to think for a new name for her. If you have a different idea of how lady bond will be or what her name could be, tell us about it by posing on our Facebook page here.

Lucky Pants Bingo

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