The Met Gala 2019!

The glitz, the glamour, and one of the most important events on the fashion calendar! As you all know, the Met Gala is normally held on the first Monday in May. New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts the annual Costume Institute Gala where fashion designers, musicians, actors, models and artists come to celebrate art and veiling the latest fashion institute’s in the exhibition.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced the new inspiration for the big event in 2019. The theme was “Camp: Notes on fashion.” This theme was inspired by Susan Sontag’s essay from 1964. This theme represented the love of the unnatural, of artifice and exaggeration. This year’s Met Gala marks the events 71st anniversary!

The Met Gala event is famously extravagant. But this year, it has really delivered some crazy looks! Let’s talk about the top 5 craziest costumes at this year’s Met Gala event!

Number 5 – Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka took to the pink carpet in a dramatic, yet stunning silver gown designed by Dior. The outfit comprised of a sheer bodice with a silver criss-cross detail. The skirt and trailing cape featured feathers of different shades of grey, pink, red and yellow. To complete her outfit, she wore a pair of silver pumps, purple drop earrings, multi-layered pendants and a breath-taking silver crown. She really turned heads at the big event!

Number 4 – Michael Urie

Delivering a mind-bending take on the theme “Camp: Notes on fashion”, Michael couldn’t decide who and what to wear. So, he probably asked himself why choose one outfit, when I can wear both? Well, that’s exactly what he did. The actor hit the pink carpet wearing a creation from Christian Siriano. A design of half a pink tulle ballgown and half pinstripe suit. He even committed to the look with the makeup. Half his face appeared bare with a scruffy beard and the other done up with mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.  Siriano took to Instagram with a photo of Urie stating “You can be your own prom date no matter who you are!”  This gender-fluid design has really sent out a powerful statement!

Number 3 – Gigi Hadid

This year’s Gala event the model embraced a camp-inspired style that left everyone surprised and stunned. Gigi was draped in different shades of metallic. Designed by Michael Kors, the model wore a full body suit which covered her in a swirl of gold and silver pattern from head to toe. She wore a jacket of the same colours and extended all the way to the floor. The jacket featured tinsel to create a feathery effect. She wore translucent gloves and keeping to the metallic colour scheme she wore shimmery earing. She really sparkled her way down the pink carpet!

Number 2 - Jared Leto

Leave it to Jared to bring an unbeatable accessory to the Met Gala! The actor/singer who wore a design by Gucci really took the Gala’s theme to another level. Wearing a high-neck red gown completed with a crystal harness and silver gloves. It was a beautiful look but what really made the statement was the head! Leto carrying a replica of himself, it even had his flowing locks, trimmed beard and piercing blue eyes. It was really an unexpected accent piece on the evening’s pink-carpet event.

Number 1 – Katy Perry

 Katy Perry really “Lit” up the pink carpet during the Met Gala event. Perry arrived on the carpet wearing a design by Jeremy Scott. She wore a dress as a giant crystal chandelier with glowing lights. Scott and his team spent about 6 weeks placing thousands of Swarovski crystals onto the dress before hanging the chandelier pieces. Wait there’s more! As we put the chandelier dress aside, the night wouldn’t be complete without an after-party look. Scott took things a step further for the Gala night with another jaw-dropping outfit. Katy caught everyone’s attention, as she was dressed as one of the most loved foods around the world. A hamburger with some ruched lettuce dress underneath. She looked good enough to eat!! 

At the Gala event, there were really stunning looks! One of those was Zendaya! A creation from Tommy Hilfiger, Zendaya glanced down the pink carpet as Cinderella. She was also accompanied by the Fairy Godmother. As the Fairy Godmother waved the wand and wisp of smoke, the actress’s gown lit up which was utterly enchanting.

At the Met Gala, you definitely had good and bad choices from the actors. However, we will say that the event was truly breathtaking and interesting at the same time!

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