The eyes of the cheering crowd will be locked onto Bryony Frost as she makes her way towards Frodon. Frodon, the horse, appears stubborn but only this lady can take the lead. Will Frost be the first female jockey to ride her mount to victory at Cheltenham?

If you want to know what sitting on a horse in a race like Cheltenham is like, then you need to listen to Bryony Frost. That lady is no simple jockey! She rides the beasts like a psychologist and talks like a poet! Is that the perfect woman? Let's listen to what she has to say;

"It's a partnership that you won't find in this world. You're at one with your horse. And you're asking him to be brave. He is asking you to be brave! There... that's the connection. You can feel that he's giving his everything. And he feels that you're giving the maximum!"

At the Cheltenham Festival this week, the audience will witness Bryony Frost's empathy with horses. Everyone will bear witness to her strength and determination. But only time will tell if the maiden will become the first female champion jockey!

The racing festival of Cheltenham will be welcoming over 50,000 people over the next three days. But it would seem that the number could double today! That's because it's the Ladies Day Feature Match.

This is the day when the pretty ladies get out of their homes with pretty hats! So, if you're looking for Cheltenham tips on what to wear, then Lucky Pants Bingo greatly recommends formal wears with hats. Oh yes, ladies! Don't forget those binoculars. You wouldn't want to miss the sight of jockeys in their lucky pants!

This year, the Cheltenham Festival was an achievement in female history. Not because it is a few days after International Women's Day but because the bravery of female jockeys were on the highlights!

An example? The statue erected on the eve of Cheltenham, named Fearless Jockey. It was created using the 3D body scan of leading rider, Rachael Blackmore. If you're heading to Cheltenham this week, then you can catch its sight just opposite the Centaur Entrance as it greets the hundreds and thousands!

Fifty years ago, women were banned from riding in jump races. In 2019, there's definitely a change. But wait... who is the lady behind Fearless Jockey.

Rachael Blackmore is competing for the title of first ever female professional jump jockey champion. This long title takes long years of practice and perseverance, for sure. "To win the championships is every jockey's dream. Being female no longer comes into it." says Rachael.

Another milestone in female history is ready to be set. We can wait until Friday to know who will emerge as the champion of Cheltenham. At last we can say that women no longer belongs to the kitchen only...

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