The International Days Of 2019

Every day is the perfect day to celebrate something! And there are some people who already figured that out! Yes, that’s right. So many International Days spawning on our calendars! We know that there is someone out there who is valuing each day! We can’t help it… we just want to seize every opportunity to shake our cheeky panties! Lucky Pants Bingo has now reunited five top international days that you can add onto your agenda. Take note!




International Women’s Day

To celebrate womanhood, 8th Of March has been selected! This is the day when ladies are queen and gents go jealous. Each year, Women’s Day is used to promote certain noble motive, right and idea. The theme for 2019 is, “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change.” This has been selected by the United Nation as a theme that focuses on empowerment of women and ensures social protection. Other than being a day which allows the emancipation of ladies, it is also a day where they get some little extra attention. Don’t worry guys… your day is coming on the 19th of November!

International Day Of Happiness

What is this one about? Well, in simple words, it is a day to be happy! Since 2013, the United Nations has been celebrating the International Day Of Happiness. The idea behind? To recognise the importance of happiness in our lives! Seize the moment on the 20th of March to consider the little things that makes us happy. We have no shame in declaring that new panties make us happy! Spread the rays of happiness for the International Day Of Happiness. You will be amongst the million people that join hands to make Earth a happy place to live!

Earth Day

Note the date! Well, even if you won’t, you will be hearing the sentence, “It’s Earth Day!” practically all day long! Earth day is celebrated on the 22nd of April. It is the largest globally practiced environment movement. Every edition of Earth Day is dedicated to a theme as well. According to, this year’s motto is Protect Our Species. The campaign aims at rising awareness! Yes, about the accelerating extinction of millions of species. If you are among the many who wouldn’t want to see any more species only in books, you are always free to check out the Earth Day Network. They accept donations as well!

World Environment Day

Looking for the perfect day to plant a tree? Nope, the stars won’t be of any help… World Environment Day is the date you’re looking for! It is held on the 5th of June and is intended to rise environmental awareness. Since it was first held in 1974, World Environment Day has launched many campaigns. Obviously, to help improve our ecosystem. For 2019, Beat Plastic Pollution has been selected as the prime engagement. “If you can’t reuse it, refuse it!” stated the official site for World Environment Day. Let’s unite to win the war against plastic in 2019.

International Day Of Friendship

There’s many challenges in today’s world… crisis, poverty and violence. So much vices that manage to fit our small world. But what remains in all the ups and downs of life is friendship! This is the day for pals. Celebrate the bonds of camaraderie and share what you love most about your friends on 30th of July. All the crazy stuffs we’ve been through, all the wild adventures we’ve had with our friends… they were at your back… even when you were knocked out by the excess booze. They were here to handle you. Show your love for your friends on the International Day Of Friendship!

So... Have you taken note of the dates?

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