Spoiler Alert! Check Out These Juicy Updates!

It’s Fridayyyy, and the news is in!! Are you ready to rock the weekend with some juicy updates on your favourite soaps: EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks!

For all EastEnders fanatics!

The heat rises as Sharon demands answers! Phil who finds himself in quite a predicament must find means to get money to pay off Danny and Midge for a shady job done in Spain…. Sharon who is now suspicious comforts Phil! Will he tell her the truth?  

Things are HOT and STEAMY in the room! Adam who has been in a relationship with Honey since last year has been getting too comfy with Habiba! They find themselves alone, well that’s what she thinks!!! That’s when Habiba makes her next move! Will Adam resist temptation??

Ready for more Drama…

Emmerdale Fans the news is in, there’s some sneaky business happening and we’ve have heard all about it! Vanessa who uncovers Mikes ruthless plan for revenge on Charity and Robert…. And Vanessa heard it all!! In the all new episode, Vanessa decides to part in the Mike situation and makes amends with Charity!!!!  

Meanwhile, Laurel is furious but with who? It’s Arthur! The real question is why?

Coronation Street enthusiasts! Could there be a secret in the mists? Sarah and Gary’s good mood broke when they find that someone vandalised Gary’s van and stole all his tools! Sarah is convinced Seb vandalised the van and wants to call the police! However, Gary stops her as he thinks Seb is hiding something! What could he be hiding??  

Welcome home Baby Bertie! Today is the day that Daniel finally brings Sinead and Baby Bertie home from the hospital! As they enter the flat, they were touched to see Ken decorated the home with a welcome banner and bunting! As Sinead fusses about Bertie, Daniel assures her that they are going to be great parents! 

FINALLY!!!! The memorial has been planned for the factory disaster… Do you think there will be any surprises along the way?

Wait there’s more……

The drama continues on Hollyoaks, but this time with a lot of jealousy! OOOOOOH!!!! Laurie is going on a camping trip tonight but with who??? Sienna!! Sinead finds out and is not happy yet tries to hide her jealousy! Later on, she finds Sienna and Laurie outside the coffee shop…. She storms over and kicks off, however, Sienna looks confused! Why is she confused?

Elsewhere, Maxine is hysterical! She is claiming that she is getting worse as the days go by… Damon is determined to help her and talks to Misbah… Who is overwhelmed by his emotions and starts shouting……

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