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The last episodes were juicy, right? What did you think? Give us your feedback!  We would love to hear your gossips about your favourite shows on the Facebook page. Some of you were aghast by how the events unfolded. However, today on Lucky Pants Bingo you will find some more zesty news surrounding the upcoming episodes. HUM! that sounds amazing, innit?

Before jumping right into the good stuff with the latest spoilers. The tension is palpable, your pulses are racing, drips of sweat are rolling towards your cheeks and your expectations are high. Stop a minute! Take a deep breath and devour all the intriguing and succulent tittle-tattles about your favourite characters.

Your day will climax with these juicy spoilers. No more chatting, here we go!

Hollyoaks: What will happen in episode 4960?

Little hint: Glenn’s attention is now on Grace.

Glenn is dead set on discovering what Grace has been up to. Do you have an idea what he did? Well, he pressurised Zack with Holly’s safety to get the answers he was longing for.

In the meantime, Farrah made up her mind to meet with Grace behind Kim’s Back. And this just after Grace has sent a hot selfie to her. What will happen?  The suspense is at its pinnacle.

Somewhere else, Prince brings forth a plan that will result in more money. Hum, Hum! What is the plan? He suggests Glenn Donovan to hire Hunter McQueen to paint the walls at the school.

Stay Tuned for tonight’s episode!

Emmerdale: How will episode 8216 end?

To keep the suspense at its peak, Lucky Pants Bingo will only give you some bits and pieces of what will happen in tonight’s episode. Is it not fun to be left with some piquant news? Let us play a game! Try to finish each game and wait till the show is up to discover if you’ve scored a 10 over 10.

Let the game begin!

Chas and Victoria team up for a mission. What can it be?

In the meanwhile, something goes wrong with Robert’s plan. According to you, what happened?

Somewhere else, Rodney is tired. He cannot keep up with Misty Allbright. How will the events unfold?

EastEnders:  Will episode 5749 take your breath away?

In this episode, Halfway gets entangled into the drama surrounding Tina. He is determined to find out more. Will he succeed? No one knows yet!

In parallel, Kat and Hayley are happy when Ian comes to analyse their work. They spent the whole night cleaning. Kat is grateful for Hayley’s support and suggests that they should learn about the different places in London.

Meanwhile, Martin managed to get under Stacey’s skin. Why you might think? Well, don’t think that hard! Stacey is irritated because Martin did not consult her before going ahead with the christening.

Coronation Street: Ready for episode 9519 that will be aired on TV tonight?

Adam is incandescent with Eva because she took the decision to leave. He confides to Daniel which tells him to follow his heart. What will Adam do? These questions remain pending.

Afterwards, Toyah and Leanne are heavy-hearted when they find a letter from Eva. She is leaving.

In the meanwhile, what do you think is happening? Well, Shona comes face to face with David about carrying a knife. Later in the day, David expresses his regrets and states that he has thrown the knife.

Somewhere else, Jess calls at Craig’s place. With the help of Bethany, they try to persuade him to give up his police career.

On the other hand, Carla is ready to help Maria’s business if she provides a business plan.

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