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If you’re about to sit down and play a game, you probably have one question on your mind: “What should I play?”. As an online bingo site, we’re almost required to tell you that the obvious choice is bingo. Alas! Today, we’ve got a surprise up our lucky pants!


We’re going to break protocol here… because, you know, sometimes you just have to switch it up a bit! We’re talking the heavyweight championship of online casino games: Bingo vs. slots. This is a bit like choosing your favourite child for us, so, we’ll try to remain impartial and give you an unbiased view of which game is most popular and why.


First up in the ring, we’ve got slots. It’s pretty difficult not to be immediately dazzled by the flashing lights and animations coming off our first contender, but try to keep it together while we go through some of slots’ biggest strengths.

Although bingo is the first and most characteristically British game that probably comes to mind, slots aren’t far behind. You’ll find slot machines in most pubs and holiday destinations around Britain and now that we’ve got access to online bingo sites that also offer slots, we’re pretty much having our cake and eating it over here.

What is so fascinating about slots?

There’s nothing quite as mesmerising as the spinning sound of the reels, the clinking sound of coins hitting steel that signals a jackpot, or the hypnotizing lights that just seem to emanate right from the soul of the slots. These are just added incentives, however. What is it that really makes slots vie for favourite child status in the UK?

They’re easy

This is a game that takes absolutely minimum effort but gives maximum enjoyment. Think about it. You pop in a coin, you hit a button, you hope Lady Luck is feeling fancy today and you wait to see if you get a winning combination. Unlike bingo games, slots don’t require much concentration at all. They’re fun and nobody really cares if you understand the rules or not.


Listen, what floats our boat may not float your boat and that’s why slots are such a popular game: there is something for everyone’s tastes, however, uh, unique your taste may be. Whether you hanker for days so far back that you could have been an Egyptian god (cats were also gods then, so we don’t blame you), or you have a soft spot for dinosaur bones, magic spells, pirates, movies, songs and pretty much anything else in between,  there’s going to be a slot theme that is right up your alley.

Winning big

Let’s be honest here. No one goes into a game not wanting to win big. Slots, more than any other game, are known for making millionaires. The invention of online slots has been particularly important in this aspect. Progressive jackpots grow according to how many people play the game and online slots is a huge industry. In fact, the biggest online slot win of £13, 209, 300 was won by a British soldier, Jon Heywood, in 2015. Now that is what we call a productive night in.


Ding ding ding! Next in the ring is none other than the mighty bingo! Now the Italians certainly knew what they were doing when they invented this superstar in the 1500s, but we don’t think that even they knew how long it would be around for. It’s certainly taken Britain by storm and has been a staple favourite for as long as we can remember. Why is it that we just can’t seem to get enough of in-person and online bingo games in the UK?

It’s social

Now, us British don’t need an excuse to head out for a pint with our mates, but bingo does provide a handy excuse. There’s just something about the sounds and smells that fill a bingo hall; the tension that you could cut with a knife! We’re all about putting our lucky pants on and heading on out for a spot of bingo on the town. But fret not! If you’re on a bingo site, this doesn’t mean that you don’t get your social fix! With live chat rooms and sassy moderators, you are able to get the best of both worlds.

It works the mind 

We don’t know about you, but we love a good fast-paced session of bingo. 90 ball bingo, which is the staple in the UK, can sometimes sound similar to an auction ring. The caller is quick and you have to have your wits about you to ensure that you mark your numbers off as they go. If you’re not having the strongest brain day, then you could always turn the automatic dabber on if you’re playing online bingo and this will do the work for you.

There’s more than one opportunity to win 

We’ve already mentioned that we love a good win and with 90 ball bingo, you don’t have to get your knickers in a knot if you aren’t the first to get your line crossed off! You’ll have more opportunities to win by filling out two full lines, or your whole card for a Full House. Sharing really is caring and with 90 ball bingo, you have ample opportunity to walk away with some well earned dosh.

There’s different options 

In the UK, 90 ball bingo is king but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. If you feel like changing things up a bit, there’s a whole bunch of different bingo rooms to choose from. Of course, 75 ball is going to be your next best bet and this is perfect for those wanting a more relaxed, shorter bingo experience with a single jackpot.

So, which is better? Bingo or slots?

We’ve seen the best of both and we must say it comes right down to the wire! Being impartial may have clouded our judgement a bit, but we’re going to go with a tie here. Both games are great for different reasons and suit different occasions and people. In fact, they are so wonderful b that we have gone ahead and combined them into the ultimate game: SLINGO BINGO! — the best online bingo and slot game for those that can’t choose between the two.

If bingo and slots had a perfect child that came out with all of their best features combined, it would be in the form of Slingo bingo. It’s got the mesmerising colours, the familiar slot sounds and the spinning reels, but it’s got the 5 x 5 bingo grid too! All you have to do is spin the reels and see if the numbers pop up on the bingo grid at the bottom of your screen! But wait, there’s more. With Slingo bingo, keep an eye out for special symbols that will give you instant extra prizes in the game! See, we told you this game was the best of both worlds.

Get all of the action with Lucky Pants Bingo 

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