Lucky Pants Bingo, one of UK’s top bingo site has been created by an experienced team and use its own software therefore you may expect to have an original play-time. Having tendered to every little details, we has also made sure that all our members get to enjoy the best games as well as the most competitive promotional offers in the online bingo world.

Have a look at the promos tab found on homepage, you will get to see many offers that we have concocted for you; Pre-buys, Extra Treats, Tourneys, Bonuses and Specials; everything have been categorized so as to ease up your stay at the online bingo site. Apart from the various types of bingo games available, slot games and casino games, Lucky Pants Bingo also has the pre-buy games which you may view in the bingo lobby under the pre-buy tab.

Here’s a quick glance at all the Pre-Buy promotions that we have on No Limits Bingo is a pre-buy game that plays daily, weekly and monthly at 11:00pm, 9.30pm and 9pm respectively. The pot for this pre-buy game has been seeded at £20, £50 and £100 for the daily, weekly and monthly games and as the title of the game suggests the pot has no limits at all! The card prices for this game are only at 5p, 10p and 50p.

Win Win Wednesday is one of our top prebuy games here at Lucky Pants Bingo, played every Wednesday at 10pm. This game only comprises of winners as with 20p card, you either win the jackpot amount of £200 or get your money back. The pre-buy game is a 90 ball game where £40 is won on 1 line, £60 on 2 lines and £100 on full house.
Who doesn’t love shopping? Most people are mad about shopping, so what if you could win some awesome vouchers? Purchase your card for 5p each every Tuesday to win £100 vouchers at 10pm. Good deal, right? A 75 ball game, you will just have to complete the handbag pattern to get hold of the vouchers!

In Greek Mythology, Pandora’s Box is said to actually contain all the evils of the world however at Lucky Pants Bingo the box carries amazing giveaways of £50 – £100. Get your cards every Thursday night at 5p per card to be in the game that plays at 9pm in the pre-buy room. It will be the letter ‘M’ for Mystery that you will have to cover up during this game to win what lies in the Pandora’s mysterious box.

What if you could win £10,000? With this hair-raising sum, you will be able to have a holiday in the sun, take a cruise in the Caribbean, go shopping in Paris or Italy and even do some house renovations. Be at Lucky Pants Bingo every last Friday of the month at 9pm for the £10,000 Slider game during which you may win your way to your dreams! For 20p card in the 5 line game, you could win £10,000 in 25 – 45 calls, £4,000 in 46 calls, £3,000 in 47 calls, £2,000 in 48 calls, £1,000 in 49 calls, £800 in 50 calls, £700 in 51 calls, £600 in 52 calls or £400 in 53 – 75 calls. 1, 2, 3 and 4 line winners will each get £150 and a 5 line win will release £400 up to £10,000. That’s not all as all 1TGs will share £150!

The weekend has only begun at Lucky Pants Bingo! Purchase your cards into The Big Dabber game that plays at 9.30pm every Saturday night to catch hold of £500 for 10p only per card. A 90 bingo ball game, you will have 3 chances of catching a win; £100 for a line, £150 for 2 line and £250 for Full House.

The pre-buy games are only a preview of what Lucky Pants Bingo has to offer, register now to see for yourself! Complete the simple registration process to and claim your welcome offer!


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