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All the Hollyoaks binge watchers! How did you enjoy the last episodes? There’s so much that will happen in today’s episode. Ready to have a glimpse on the hottest tittle-tattles? Let’s dive right into it. So, Romeo decides to extort money from Harry. But how will he carry such a plan? Well, he writes and send anonymous letters to Harry, telling the latter that he knows what’s happening between him and James. They are having an affair. Guess how much he asked? £3000!

In the meantime, the doctors take an important decision, they decide to wake Dee Dee from her coma. They want to know if her seizures have definitely stopped.

In parallel, Tegan and Diane, can’t stop quarrelling! Tony asks them to stop for the sake of Dee Dee.

Somewhere else, Breda and Jack pretends to be in a relationship whilst having lunch with Leela. Do you know the funny thing? Well, she perfectly knows that they are lying. Ha-ha!

Coronations Street’s fans we hear you and Lucky Pants Bingo has some tasty titbits for tonight’s episode. And it’s going to be packed with some interesting events. Let’s spill the beans! 

Daniel is happy! He shares with Ken that he will enrol on his Master Course with Sinead’s approval.

Next, Sinead goes to her medical appointment at the hospital where she learns that she’s suffering from cervical cancer. She further learns that she should consider a termination. Ken discovers Sinead at her apartment. She is in tears and reveals everything about her diagnosis.

Oops! Angie tells a lie to Jude. She pretends having a business meeting. The truth?  Well, she will go on a date with a guy she met online.

Michelle confesses to Robert that Ali is worried about Ronan.

Brian makes a plan; he wants to take Cathy on a holiday however his plan falls through when he is being asked to run the school holiday club.

Peter succeeds in getting a job for Vicky at a competitor’s company. Jack and Kevin meets the prosthetics experts and in parallel the police contact the garage.

And you ready to hear the latest about EastEnders… ready, get set, go…

Kat tries everything possible to persuade Hayley to move away from the edge of the balcony. But she further explains that she will feel in a different way if she was aware of the truth. Finally, with a heart to heart conversation with Hayley, Jean manages to bring Hayley back to safety.

Hayley arrives home where she hears some harsh words from Kat.

In the meantime, Martin gets confused! Why you may ask? Well, Ross showed him a text received from Ruby. Ross defends himself, which makes Martin even more confused.

Lucky Pants Bingo will keep it simple with the gossips around Emmerdale. Is it not fun to keep the suspense at its peak?  Is it a yes? Bernice finally takes a decision. However, will she be able to end all things between herself and Daz.? In the meanwhile, Rhona is furious and on a hostile course of action. What will she do? On the other hand, Jacob delight in getting Maya’s attention.


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