May celebrates the most intimate and personal of instruments; the human voice! And this month, festivals dedicated to music, art and singing swarm the calendar. If you’re looking for some events to show up to, then why not try our following picks? These festivals are surely becoming the highlights of May 2019!

Brighton Festival

Where extreme acrobatics quickly swaps to hilarious love songs, that’s Brighton Festival. This event lasts the whole of May and charms thousands that come from around the UK. Brighton Festival has often nicknamed the real art festival since it comes to a large range of celebrations. For this 2019 edition, expect some of the most incredible performances.

Brighton Festivals brings Backbone, a circus show that is unlike others. Here, witness groups of young and old, men and women, being tossed in the air and landing in perfect poses. Not to forget the insane contortions that leave faint hearted ones in horror! Backbone celebrates and explores the limits of emotional and physical endurance. Book your seats between 15th and the 17th Of May!

If that’s not really your thing, then go for something lighter… a round of laughing and cackling at the silly songs of performers. My Left Right Foot is a musical piece that runs from the 14th until the 18th of May at the Brighton Festival. The drama show explores a rather peculiar story where a local society is under pressure to comply with equalities agenda. This is where the makers throw in some comedy, some full-fledged drama and of course, some music. Not to miss!

Hay Festival

What if you won’t make it to Brighton Festival because you’re caught up all May until the last week? No worries, we have something for you. The last week of May is for Hay Festival! This one is another event that celebrates art. But this one tends to go more into movements and words. It offers a long range of activities that allow visitors to engage more in the world around them. For 2019, the event will be highlighting the Book Of The Year, Live Libraries and even The Hay Academy.

Hay Festival is also the time to catch with Laura Bates and Owen Sheers who will be presenting Letters To The Future On Equality And Gender. They will come with some “letters” to the future generations in which they explore the plans to live free of gender prescriptions.

Hay Festival also opened new opportunities for those with Autism. The 2018 edition offered a two-day conference on the ways that people can re-imagine the potentials of Autism. The Ruskin Mill Trust has been working with children and young people with complex behaviours and learning difficulties. They will be back this year, from 19th to 20th of July! Don’t miss them.

Ready to pack your bags and leave for the next festival in town?

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