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Hello Newbie! Welcome to the paragon of bingo, Lucky Pants Bingo where the ultimate entertainment and bingo combo is always sizzling players. Indeed, you will be dazzled to see how a single click can change your perception of online amusement at once! As a new player, you might have come across some terminologies on Lucky Pants Bingo where you begin to wonder, “What does that mean? 90-ball Bingo? Is it just a fancy name or does it really involve 90 balls?”

Good news! You can get answers since on this post, all the terminologies and bingo languages used in the bingo rooms will be explained. Time for some bingo education, my friend!

Terminology Mythology!

There are numerous terminologies used in the bingo rooms to point at certain bingo elements. It’s a fact; those who don’t know about these specific words might get confused or not fully enjoy bingo. Let’s begin with the most common ones – the bingo games!

75-Ball Bingo: This is a variation of bingo where 75 balls are used. The bingo card is a 5x5 grid filled with numbers and a Free Grid in the middle. The game is considered complete when the player fills all the numbered grids, also known as a blackout.

90-ball Bingo: The most popular variation around the UK, this genre of bingo is played with 90 balls. The bingo cards have 3 rows of 9 squares. Each row will have a maximum of 5 numbers that are randomly generated.

5-line Bingo: This variation is also known as Swedish Bingo. It is quite similar to 75-Ball bingo with only one thing in difference. There is no Free Grid.

The structure and basic elements of a bingo game also have some specific terminologies that one should know. Most of the time, you will come across these elements during a bingo session.

Bingo Board: The area where the drawn numbers are displayed.

Bingo Card: The Bingo card is used to play bingo. Also known as a bingo ticket, the cards have different numbers on them.

Chat Master (CM): A person in charge of entertaining and interacting through the chat section. Exclusively on online bingos.

Single Line, Two Lines & Full House: A single line is one completed row of the 90-ball bingo card. Two Lines are announced when 2 rows are completed and the Full House happens when all numbers on the card are marked.

Pattern: The required layout of the correct numbers to win.

Jackpot: An extra prize offered when you obtain a required pattern with a set of bingo balls.

Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot that grows during gameplay based on the people that play. Awarded when a specific pattern is achieved using a small number of numbers.

The Language of Bingo – Lingo

Bingo is a social game and the best thing about playing in the community feel you get during the gameplay. Numerous bingo rooms offer chat options that allow you to chat with other players while enjoying your game. However, there is something that might confuse you here as well… Codes! Well, they aren’t actually codes but are a genre of a language used to express certain things. Stay connected to have the meaning of the most popular chat lingos.

                                         Popular Bingo Lingos
AFK - Away from Keyboard GG - Got to Go/Good Game
GL - Good luck GLE - Good luck everyone
IMO - In my opinion      JJ- Just joking
LOL - Laughing out loud NP - No problem
PLS – Please EMML - E-mail me later
SYS - See you soon WTG - Way to go
TTYL - Talk to you later TY - Thank you
YW - You're welcome AYT – Are you there?
AFC – Away From Computer GGA - Good game all
BB – Bye Bye    BBL - Be back later
BBS - Be back soon        BLNG - Better luck next game
BRB - Be right back       BTW - By the way
CM - Chat master | Chat monitor             COI - Come on in
DTS - Don't think so      IDK - I don't know
ATM – Nope, not the money machine! It’s “At The Moment”  


The Bingo Callings

It would have been boring if you can only hear numbers during the bingo calling even if it is all that matters. Bingo is paying attention to details and as such, bingo calling has a unique twist to them! A little anecdote is given for each number! Here they are; 

The Bingo Callings
1. Kelly's Eye | At the Beginning
2. One Little Duck | Me and You
3. Cup of tea | You and Me
4. Knock at the Door
5. Man Alive
6. Tom's tricks | Tom Nix
7. Lucky Seven
8. One Fat Lady | Garden Gate
9. Doctor's Orders
10. Tony's Den
11. Legs Eleven
12. One Dozen
13. Unlucky for Some | Baker’s Dozen
14. Valentine’s Day
15. Young and keen | Rugby Team
16. Sweet Sixteen | She's Lovely
17. Dancing Queen
18. Coming of Age
19. Goodbye Teens
20. One Score | Blind 20
21. Key of the Door
22. Two Little Ducks | All the Twos
23. Thee and Me
24. Two dozen
25. Duck and Dive
26. Pick and Mix | Bed and Breakfast
27. Gateway to Heaven
28. Over Weight | In a State
29. You're doing Fine | Rise and Shine
30. Burlington Bertie | Speed Limit
31. Get up and Run
32. Buckle my Shoe
33. Dirty Knees | All the Threes
34. Ask for More
37. A Flea in Heaven
38. Christmas Cake
39. Those Famous Steps | Steps
40. Naughty Forty
41. Time for Fun
42. Winnie the Pooh
43. Down on your Knees
44. Droopy Drawers | All the Fours
45. Halfway There | Halfway House
46. Up to Tricks
47. Four and Seven
48. Four Dozen
49. P.C. | Copper | Nick Nick
50. Half a Century | Bulls Eye
51. Tweak of the Thumb
52. Danny La Rue | Weeks in a Year
53. Stuck in the Tree
54. Clean the Floor
55. Snakes Alive | All the Fives
56. Was she worth it?
57. Heinz Varieties
58. Make them Wait
59. Brighton Line
60. Five Dozen | Three Score
61. Bakers Bun
62. Turn on the Screw | Tickety Boo
63. Tickle Me
64. Red Raw | The Beatles’ Number
65. Old Age Pension
66. Clickety Click | All the Sixes
67. Made in Heaven
68. Saving Grace
69. Either Way Up
70. Three Score and Ten | Blind 70
71. Bang on the Drum
72. Six Dozen | A Crutch and a Duck
73. Crutch and a flea | Queen B
74. Candy Store
75. Strive and Strive
76. Trombones | Was She Worth It
77. Sunset Strip | All the Sevens
78. Heaven’s Gate
79. One More Time
80. Eight and Blank | Blind 80
81. Stop and Run
82. Straight on Through
83. Time for Tea | Ethel's Ear
84. Seven Dozen
85. Staying Alive
86. Between the Sticks
87. Torquay in Devon
88. Two fat ladies | All the Eights
89. Nearly there | All but One
90. Top of the Shop


And here we are! It’s actually fun to say; seventeen… Dancing Queen, isn’t it?

Congrats! You have just passed the apprentice stage of bingo. To become a pro, you simply need to put your newly acquired knowledge to practice! Head to one of the most sensational bingo rooms at Lucky Pants Bingo and start filling your bingo cards. Chances are that you will now experience bingo in its full, glorious splendour!

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