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And Boom! More celebrities gossip to end 2016. Adele, Kanye West and the mysterious Meghan Markle are in the spotlight at Celebrity Town… For the best or the worst?

Baby number two for Adele? Maybe! Many fans have been surprised when Adele confessed that she will be off to make a baby, during her latest World Tour. It looks like her son, Angelo, is not going to be the “one and only”. Let’s wait and watch if there will be a baby bump in 2017. Did you know that Adele’s goal is never to be skinny? Adele firmly believes that music is for the ears, rather than for the eyes!

22 cancelled dates and disappointed fans… Does a name come to your mind? Yes, indeed, that is Kayne West who cancelled his remaining Saint Pablo Tour dates. But why? Undoubtedly West has been going through a lot lately with him being admitted to the hospital and his pretty wife, Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery experience. Moreover, West does not only have his own fashion line to look after, he also has the Adidas line to follow up with. could be the reasons…maybe or maybe not! However, West is now back on his feet and has recently travelled to Manhattan for meeting someone important.

Meghan Markle, does this name ring a bell? American actress and active humanitarian? Well, she is not very well known for her roles, but the world now knows her as Prince Harry’s new girlfriend! If you are a fan of the TV series Suits, you surely know her as the lovely Rachel Zane! Lately the lovebirds have been spotted buying a Christmas tree together… It would seem that things are getting serious for the couple. 

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