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Happy Friday lovely readers, what’s on your agenda today? Lucky Pants Bingo got plans for you. Last week some lucky players enjoyed some Free Spins and this week it could be you! Each Friday there is a little contest based on the juicy spoilers. Just head to the Facebook page to answer to the question. Here is a secret: the hint is found in this post. Wink eye!

SHH!! While your friends are waiting for today’s shows, you can have some inside scoop on the upcoming episodes. Who does not like some fresh gossips on their melodrama? Here, on Lucky Pants Bingo we love some dose of juicy spoilers.

Ready for some pounce!

Hollyoaks spoilers!

…. Luke shares with Ollie that he only drinks to stop thinking about indescribable things that he has been through.

Then, Ollie says to his dad if it helps.

Luck finds himself in a situation where he can’t open. He thinks that his son Ollie is not matured yet to understand such a significant topic.

In the meantime, the McQueen family tries to unriddle who is Mercedes’s fiancé. Goldie asks the McQueen if Sylver replace John. The latter won’t be able to make the wedding.

Both Sylver and Goldie exaggerate the facts to convince Myra into letting Sylver have the extra ticket.

What will happen tonight? Place your bets!

Emmerdale juicy tittle-tattles!

Debbie fears the worst when Sarah is taken for a life or death surgery.

Debbie panics! The cardiologist wants to have a one to one conversation in private. She is tormented with a mix of emotion when the doctor explains that they have a new heart for Sarah. She knows that Sarah must go through a risky operation.

Debbie struggles with her fears when the cardiologist talks about all the important formalities. Meanwhile, Sarah is prepping for the operation. How will the events progress?  That is the question!

In parallel, Frank rejects Megan. Rishi wants to help Megan in winning Frank back. Megan follows Rishi’s plan. Will it work or not?

EastEnders gossips!

During this episode, Tina returns from Southend with Linda and Mick, she is upset and shocked to discover a note that Stuart left. Tina wants to leave but Sonia convinces her to change her mind.

Somewhere else, Rainie shares with Max that she in fact didn’t had a true desire to be part of his future. Everything was just an act. During the day, Max becomes unhappy when he sees Rainie looking cosy with a customer. Is he jealous?

Watch today’s episode for more!

Coronation Street titbits!

Imran shares with Yasmeen that his ex-wife wants all his wealth. He further explains that he has no choice but to offer for sale his share of the Speed Daal.

At the same moment, Rana reveals to Kate that the hospital turns down the idea to discuss Hassan’s condition. Imran makes a call at the hospital and prompts Saira to let Rana attend the meeting with consultant. Saira is reluctant about the idea and explains that she is only the interpreter.

…. How will things turn out?

Afterwards, Imran calls at the police station. He wants to meet up with Duncan, his new client. Duncan shares with Imran that he was charged with fraud for stealing the funds of the charity. He further states that he was pressurised into it by Sally. Imran is aghast at this news!

This episode is full of surprises, tune in tonight!

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