online bingo brings people together

Bingo is a blast, no doubt about it, and everyone has their reasons for loving it. Whether it’s the thrill of the balls bouncing about, potentially leading you to a win, the hustle and bustle of heaps of chatter, or the wacky bingo calls, there’s something for everyone!




Alright, so online bingo has its differences to its hall-counterpart. For one, pants are optional, secondly, there are definitely fewer pensioners about (well, depends where you live!), but as a matter of fact, online bingo can be just as social as the real-life version. You might not be physically sitting next to someone or sharing a table with them, but there are still loads of people to play online bingo with. Even if the action is taking place behind a screen, it’s still bringing people together. Here’s why.

 5 Reasons Why Online Bingo is Bringing People Together

  1. Online gaming is comfortable and accessible

Sure, getting dolled up and heading out to the hall or bingo club has its merits. But if you’re used to making a night of it, that doesn’t have to change when you’re online. Who says you can’t wear those fab new shoes while you play bingo at home? But also, who doesn’t enjoy lounging about, without having to worry about the hoo-ha of getting dressed up and venturing out when you feel like staying in, or have no choice in the matter? With online bingo, you can stay in, get your fav takeaway, and still play a game of bingo! Win-win, in our books.

When you play online, all you need to do is keep an eye on your numbers, and these days you don’t even need to worry about that! Most sites and apps mark off your numbers for you (all hail modern tech!), so you don’t need to worry about the game while you chat to fellow bingo buds.

As ludicrous as it is to think of areas where people don’t play bingo, they are actually a thing. In this case, for these poor, unfortunate souls, being able to play bingo online is lifechanging!

  1. Making more friends has never been easier

Who says that playing games online is anti-social? For loads of people, this is actually the best and easiest way to meet new people, make friends, and chat with other players around the country when there are other factors stopping them from going out and about.

Lots of online bingo sites feature chat rooms and even chat bingo, which helps if you like a bit of a chinwag while playing. Even better is that you’re making friends and chatting to other people with the same interest as you.

  1. Social sharing can help more people get lucky

Whether you’re a notorious meme sharer on Facebook or just gift the world with your selfies on Facebook the reg, you may enjoy sharing your experiences on social media. If you share your bingo wins or highlights of games on social media, it could inspire your friends to give it a try. Talk about spreading the love!

  1. Online gaming is a fun activity to do with your friends

You can still have a bingo night with your friends, even if you can’t actually have your friends round! Yes, you heard right. You can either all connect on Zoom or Skype or some other kind of video call app, and play on your choice of bingo site all at the same time!

Since bingo is a game for everyone, you never know which one of your mates might get into it, and get lucky! Some bingo sites even allow you to set up private chats, so you can chat away to your friends without worrying about having to censor your personal banter too much. No one else needs to know that in-joke after all...

Actually, come to think of it, who says playing online means having to forgo any kind of dress-up? Why not keep things festive and make it compulsory to don a silly or naughty outfit while you play? It will certainly keep up the lively conversation and add even more laughs and silliness to a game that prides itself on innuendos and wordplay.

  1. Bingo nights can now happen anywhere

No more waiting around until ‘Bingo Night’. With online bingo, playing with balls (get your mind out the gutter!) and keeping track of all of the numbers doesn’t even have to happen at a certain time or place. Any day can be bingo day!

Mobile apps make it even easier to play online games, so you can now play bingo wherever you are, even on the loo (if your mind is in the gutter now, we take full blame) or in bed, or while travelling, or while watching the telly… you get the picture!

Final Thoughts

As many bingo fans will appreciate, Frank Sinatra once said “bingo, bango, bongo… I refuse to go!”. Now, thanks to online bingo and bingo apps, we too can stand with ‘ol Blue Eyes and play when we want, for as long as we want!

Sure, looking at bingo balls and numbers being called out on a desktop or mobile screen might be different to using a number sheet and a dabber, but it’s still about bringing people together—in the often silly, sometimes outrageous, but always fun way that only bingo knows how.

If you’re new to the game of bingo and would like to get involved, why not sign up for Lucky Pants Bingo? Of course, no one will ever really know what kind of pants you’re wearing (unless you want to share), but with online bingo, who knows, you might get lucky nonetheless!.


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