Go Sober For October

We enjoy a drink as much as anyone – many of us have been known to sink a bottle of good red wine with our Friday spag bol – so when we heard a few a whispers in the chat rooms that some of you are taking part in Sober for October, we wanted to find out what’s it all about!

Heading to the Sober for October website for a nose about and the first thing we noted is that the initiative is in support of Macmillan Cancer Support , a charity that offers advice and guidance on everything from emotionally dealing a cancer diagnosis to questions about financial help. If the charity sounds familiar, it’s because these are the guys behind the fab Macmillan Coffee mornings that have raised a fantastic amount of money in a fun way for the last 15 years – so we already know that Sober For October will be a social affair with a nice community feel, exciting!

So… by taking part you’ll be raising money for a very worthy cause. But what else is in it for you? Well rather a lot actually – it turns out that staying off the sauce for a month has a wide range of benefits – some obvious, but some we would never have thought of! Here’s what the website had to say:

• Increased energy levels, higher productivity
• Clearer head
• No more hangovers
• Sleeping better / snoring less
• Weight loss
• Clearer skin
• Healthier bank balance / Save money
• Sense of achievement
• Fresh approach to alcohol consumption
• Generally feel healthier
• Doing something positive for a good cause

Sold? Us too! But we’re a little apprehensive – how are we going to say ‘no!’ to the Friday night temptations at Lucky Pants HQ’s local pub? Don’t worry, help is at hand. Here are some tips for you:

• Remove all the alcohol from your home! Easy peasy and the best place to start. Start by removing alcohol form your regular shopping list, and give away any that you’ve got kicking about at home to a friend to hold on to until you’re done – then share it with them at the end to celebrate completing your challenge and to thank them for their help! Which brings us on to…
• Ask you friends for their support. This includes not drinking around you so much and being there when you need a little chat (or a chocolate bar!) to keep you going.
• Stay committed – write a list of all the reasons that you have decided to Go Sober for October and tape it somewhere you will see it to stay motivated – at your office desk, on your bathroom mirror or on your beer fridge!
• Reward yourself for not drinking – fill the time that you might usually spend at the pub with a treat for yourself. Go shopping for a little (non-alcoholic) treat, invite a friend round to watch a DVD, or give yourself a home-facial to highlight your newly-clear skin from not drinking!
• Stay busy and active – don’t give yourself the chance to miss the voddy and coke, get out and about. With your new spare time not spent at the bar you could even find a new hobby.

Phew, we feel more prepared now! Let’s do this!

You can sign up for Go Sober For October here – and if you do, please do let us know! We’d love to hear how you’re getting on and any advice you have to share on our Facebook page… good luck everyone, and one final “CHEERS!”


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