5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

With Halloween fast approaching, you might be too lazy to get yourself a big bold costume. But, you’re still capable of pulling something out of the bag that no one will forget! In that case, grab the things you find laying around and craft a costume for Halloween. Here are some worthwhile and innovative costumes to try this year. Of course, there’s not much chance of super scary results but it will be worth it!

Bubble Bath Costume

Skip getting dressed for one day! You could go with a Bubble Bath Costume. Slip into your bathrobe, tie a towel on your head and get a bubble gun (there are no bubble bath costumes without bubbles… obviously!) Share the tub with your partner and get them to dress down with nothing more than towels and rubber ducks in their hands. Just make sure to shave your legs!

Seashell Seller Costumes

“She sells seashells on the seashore… this seashell seller is going to be shiny; I am sure!” Inspired by the famous tongue twister, turn into a seashell seller for Halloween. Get different kinds of shells and bring them together into garlands and jewellery. With some make-up and pearls to finish the look, you’ll be heading to that Halloween party for just one reason… to get some business done!

Fifty Shades Of Grey Costume

No! We are not recommending you go with the handcuffs and blindfolds! This time, try another approach to the cheeky scenario. Get some sample colours from a local paint store… and by sample colours, we mean shades of grey! Get an old t-shirt, glue the sample cards on you and you’re done! Make sure there’s fifty, or else it won’t be really the fifty shades of grey (pun intended).

Ice Cream Costume

Who would say no to ice cream? If you would, then this costume is not for you. We invite you to be a walking talking ice cream cone for Halloween. For this look, all you need is a white outfit (if you want to be vanilla), different coloured straws cut in half and some brown parchment paper. Make a cone with the parchment paper and wear it as a hat while gluing the straws to make it look like sprinkles.

Bandits Costumes

Take the meaning of partner-in-crime to the next level! Bring along your chums, all wearing white t-shirts with black stripes and pants. Wear a black eye mask, black benny caps and gloves. Don’t forget a sack with a $ symbol on them. You might let your creativity do the thing when it comes to accessories; some might select fake guns or even a fake bomb made out of a small black balloon and a piece of string at the top. Just watch out for those dressed as policemen!

Happy Halloween folks!

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