The first day of summer brought the hottest weather of the year so far! Fingers crossed that it remains the same so you can enjoy your own Tiki Bar and some refreshing drinks! Whether in the backyard or garage, it will be fun downing some drinks till the late sunsets!

Not too sure what a Tiki Bar is? It's an exotic-themed bar! It's like having a drink in Hawaii without leaving your backyard. Here come some easy DIY steps to set up your very own Tiki Bar! That too, without spending much and in less than a few hours! 

Do you have an existing table-against fence in the backyard or lying in the attic? Take it out as you will need it to fix your Tiki Bar! Don’t have one at hand? There is a lot of websites today where you can purchase affordable used furniture. They even deliver at your doorsteps.

Step 1: Add grass skirt fringe and bamboo placements on top

Step 2: Put 2 tiki torches in the ground to flank the Tiki Bar.

Step 3: Put a "Tiki Bar" sign on the fence or if you can draw, make your own customised sign!

Step 4: Flank 2 Tiki Masks with attached streamers

Looking for step 5? Your Tiki Bar is ready and set to serve the drinks! No clue of what to start with? Here's a list fit for the exotic tiki experience: 

  1. Strawberry snifter – Made with strawberry or other berries, this drink is among the cooling summer drinks. Want to turn it into an evening cocktail? Drop in some Hayman's Gin or any you prefer... Garnish with a lemon wheel! 
  1. Mandarin-basil shrub cooler – Sounds a bit boring, right? Don’t worry, it’s defo not! This drink is a thirst-quencher made of mandarins, basil leaves, sugar, white wine vinegar and soda water. Make it an aperitif cocktail by adding drops of gin! 
  1. Pomegranate and clementine sunrise – Get swept off your feet to a Syrian souk with its tangy flavours and aroma! All you need is juice from pomegranates, grenadine syrup (optional), clementine juice, orange flower water, soda water and extra pomegranate seeds and slices of clementine. Add tequila for late evenings! 
  1. Pineapple and makrut lime crush – Only 4 ingredients are needed to make this refreshing drink! Makrut lime leaves, limes, pineapple and ginger ale! Add in some vodka or gin, per your preference! 
  1. Woo Woo – Peach schnapps, cranberry juice and fresh lime! That’s all you need to make a non-alcoholic Woo Woo. Now, if you want to add in some punch, mix some vodka and serve with a tiny umbrella! You can also garnish the glass with a lime wedge. 

An extra tip to make all your guests comfy, add in some cosy bean bags with a low table or go for the sun loungers (which you can easily fold after the parties!).

Any tips that you’d like to share or pics of your own Tiki Bar? Find us on our Facebook Page!  

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