If you have been playing at Lucky Pants Bingo lately, you may have probably come across Betty Balls and Luke Pants who are two striking and brilliant characters that have been jazzing up the bingo rooms. These two awesome characters made their entry into the bingo world at Lucky Pants Bingo recently and they have not gone unnoticed for long, having won the hearts of many players on the site with their unique humorous character and magnetic aura that only they can produce. The blossoming love story of Betty and Luck has been making the buzz at Lucky Pants Bingo where they have since been regularly entertaining bingo rooms and showering players with treats and prizes during special games.

Witty Betty and love-stuck Luke with his brilliant dancing skills have had a tremendous positive impact in enhancing the bingo experience of players at Lucky Pants Bingo and have also inspired these players to share their artistic skills in traditional and contemporary forms to produce replicas of their favourite mascots Betty and Luke. Hat’s off to all those players who have taken their precious times and used their gifted skills in arts and crafts to produce various drawings, paintings and sculptures of how they portray Betty and Luke in real, and they have also produced various objects of what have been their subject of conversation in the bingo rooms.

Lucky Pants Bingo has till now received various form of drawings of these 2 mascots from players such as portraits, caricatures, sketches and other objects such as clay sculptures, dreamcatchers, earrings, etc. Recently Lucky Pants Bingo has received a beautiful drawing of a cross-stitched picture of Betty and Luke gracefully dancing together from a regular player. Cross-stitching is a form of counted-thread embroidery made on even-weave fabrics such as Aida and linen. This form of art has been traditionally used to embellish household items such as dishcloth and is now used as a fashionable decorative item where they are hanged on walls.

Amongst the various objects that have been posted to Lucky Pants bingo Facebook page are the clay models of the mascots which has been sculptured with great precision, and this 3D creation has brought more life to the characters. We have discovered the many hidden skills of craftsmanship of players who have been sending images of dreamcatchers that they have handcrafted with care. Dreamcatchers are bearer of good luck which are based on a willow hoop on which a loose web or net is woven and they are then decorated with colourful beads and feathers.

The passion and dedication shown by players in creating these objects has proven that Lucky Pants Bingo is not just a regular bingo site where players come for a game of bingo or slots, but it is a place where players bring a meaning to the word “bingo” by revealing their unmatched talents and skills with their creations and showing their unconditional love for the site where they are able to mingle with other players and hosts to have a great time and where they share their passion.

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