This week's Juicy Spoilers!

It’s that time again where our hearts are thumping in our chests, sweat balls forming on our foreheads and the ground is almost falling from under out feet. Focus everyone! It’s time for amazing spillers, just keep it a secret. Let’s see what’s happening on our favourite soapies: Hollyoaks, Eastenders, Emmerdale, and Coronation Street!

Hollyoaks: Kim, Kim, Kim has been busted when Esther finds her lair in the attic just when Kim decides to go after Grace! We’ve got Lisa who’s having mom troubles about running for local councillor. On the other hand, Darcy is bummed about Adam and Maxine’s wedding plans and uses Toby to mess everything up, will it work? Nancy makes Darren aware of what happened between her and Kyle, how does Darren react to that? Adam is shocked when he realises that Darcy is the entertainer for his stag party. Before running out, Darcy kisses Adam, he then questions himself if he’s doing the right thing in marrying Maxine. Simone is devastated when she finds out that Cindy is running for local councillor too!

Emmerdale: Dan is still beating himself up about pollards attack! Noah is super encouraging to pull out more money from poor Sam. Adam at the adoption day has admitted he has a criminal record. Meanwhile after he is left on edge, and takes it out on Vanessa. This leaves Samson feeling guilty after his father finds out. But how is the vengeful Emma going to react to Moira? Guess what, Josh and Jamie have been released by the police and Pollards attack is still being investigated. The village is raided by thugs who are armed with sharp weapons and this might be able to convince the worried Dan to withdraw is statement. Moira wants to get to the bottom of things when Adam admits to snogging Vanessa! Ouch!

Eastenders: Denise’s desperation for money grows frantically and leads to her asking Kim to pay back the loan she took from her last year! Denise finds herself pulling out of the holiday she had planned with Kim. Kim is worried about her friend’s strange behaviour and goes to Kush for advice. Kush busies himself with cooking dinner for his girlfriend, the conversation between him and Kim gets heated. Will Denise spill the beans? On the other hand, there’s Michelle who’s ignoring a call then spreads the news that Tim wants a divorce! Will this happen? Kim invites Denise to Patrick’s coming home dinner, while Kim tries to get to the bottom of things. You know Lauren has a new job, right? She is asked to join Josh for a client presentation. Will Lauren succeed in making a good presentation?

Coronation Street: Maria walks home and Aidan pulls up to give her a lift. Knowing that there’s a chemistry pull between the two, will they be able to resist the temptation? Amy tells the truth about calling Steve and told him where they are staying while Rob freaks out badly. Knowing that the coppers are on the way, will they be able to make an escape in time? Eva is over the moon about her night with Aidan, he receives a message from Maria and leaves instantly. David spots them. Who knows if Maria will tell him about her affair with Aidan. Sally receives an unexpected apology from Gina, Leah pulls Gina into the car before she says anything more. Rana gives Zeedan a surprise, who can guess what it is? 

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