Celebrities, Their True Stories!

Behind the glitz and glamour images of celebrities portrayed by media, hide the harrowing stories of struggle that many do not know. Celebs such as Adele, Britney Spears and Dwayne Johnson have all been through some tough times in their lives. However, they have all managed to make it to the top by shrugging off their troubles.

Adele is a world known Grammy Award winner whose soulful and throwback songs have made her an international star. She even got her MBE honours from Prince Charles in 2013. But her life has not always been a fairy tale. Adele’s father left when she was just two-year-old. Her mother was only eighteen when she was born, and she raised Adele singlehandedly. They had to move around quite often as they lived in government subsidised housing, and this led to Adele having to change schools over 10 times.

One of her friend uploaded three of her track demos on Myspace and she was only spotted two years later by a recording company. And this led to the recording of her first album ‘19’, selling over 10m copies worldwide.

During the same period, Adele got involved in an intense romantic relationship with a man who was ten years older than her. However, it lasted for just a few months, and she soon found out that he got engaged to another woman. This is when Adele based herself on her own life to write her greatest hit “Someone Like You”. She underwent a vocal cord surgery in 2011 and reappeared on the scene during the Grammy Awards in 2012, where she won not less than six Awards.

A beautiful and smiling young girl who always expressed the ideal teen lifestyle through her songs when she debuted her career; yes, we are talking about Britney Spears. But little do her fans know of the traumatic scenes that she had to witness throughout her childhood. Her father alcohol addiction took its toll over her family. The rows and fights between her parents was a common sight in her unstable and dysfunctional home.

Once Britney’s father was completely drunk and tried to drive off with her in the truck. Her uncle Willie who was at the scene, tried to stop her father by grabbing the truck keys from the ignition. This soon led to a fight, with punches being thrown in front of her. Britney could just cry and jump up and down while living this traumatic experience, as she was just five at that time. It was just normal for her to see regular fight scenes in the Spears family.

All this rows made her withdrawn and quiet, and she would only open up when she performed on stage. Britney’s parents divorced in 2000 and her father, who acted as her guardian, finally went into detox for alcohol addiction in the year 2004. Poverty was yet another harsh reality that Britney had experienced. Often, she would open their fridge to find it completely empty. Today, her net worth is around £140 million, and she seems to have left her troubles behind.

Professional Wrestler, producer and actor Dwayne Johnson is one of the top earning actors currently in Tinseltown. While most of you might recognise him for his ripped body and one of the most beautiful smile, few knowns the countless times when he and his family had to endure the bottom low of life. Even though his father Rocky Johnson was himself a success professional wrestler in WWF, they were always financially insecure.

Their monetary trouble meant that they had to face eviction from their home, and this lead to her mother breaking down. Ultimately, it forced the teenage Dwayne into a destructive route, where he joined a theft ring in Waikiki. He would often target tourists and steal their money, jewelleries, and designer clothes. These acts obviously led to his arrest by police quite a few times. To redeem himself, he started to build his body and later joined the football team at high school.

This was the time he started to set himself goals and saw his grades getting better. However, his football career did not last long and he was soon fighting depression. This is when he started wrestling and The Rock was born. After a glorious stint as a wrestler, he made his Hollywood debut in The Mummy Returns, and the rest is history.

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