Do you ever play bingo with your laptop on your knees, and one eye on the TV screen? I always do, especially in the evening after tea!

This topic came up the other day when I was in Lucky Stripes and I was excited to have a good chat with some fellow telly addict about my favourites shows! Here they are - perfect have on in the background while your dabbing away, enjoy:

Coronation Street

Airing since 1960, Coronation Street is way much older than your lucky pants and packed with classic scenes. Remember the big dog in a Jacuzzi? Of course you do…woof! I'll never forget sobbing away as the news of Kylie’s shocking death unfolded... so sad, but top TV! A week ago, there were more dramatic scenes from the cobbles when Steve was revealed as the father of Leanne Battersby’s unborn child - can't wait to see how he gets out of THAT one...! 

Love Island

This show definitely had the Lucky Pants chat rooms buzzing! For the 6 weeks I was GLUED to my screen (avoiding the papers the next if I'd missed one - spoilers!).

The series ended in July with Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey crowned the winners. Their love story had the nation gripped right through to the heart-warming end when Cara was left with the decision of whether to take the £50,000 or split it   and she chose love over money - nawwwww!

The L.I craze has continued long after the show though, with the latest goss that Sophie Gradon and Tom Powell just had and explosive row over all the attention Tom gets from female fans since he left the island. It seems like she’s getting a tad jealous… slow down Sophie, you’re getting your share of attention too!

Walking Dead

Fear, anxiety, goose bumps, cold sweat are close frinds of mine when I'm watching Walking Dead - and yet I can't stop! This incredible series was meant to end, but hopefully that plan has changed. 

The final season is back in October and i can't wait to find out who was on end of Negan’s baseball bat. But if you think you've got the ending sussed out, think again: writer and creator Robert Kirkman just dropped a bombshell at Comic Con - he's changed the ending! Dun-dunnn-dunnnn!"

From last season, we know that the survivors are most probably going to end up in the safe haven Alexandria, where all seems to be returning to normal. That’s until the entrance of the cruel and heartless Negan, and poor Glenn was brutally murdered.

The only news that we’ve came up with is that one beloved character will be noticeably absent from the group... sniff! The crew are definitely keeping any kind of information on season 7 under wraps - until then no character is safe - they'd better be wearing their Lucky Pants! 

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