A taste of the Juicy Spoilers


The time has come, the one that you are all waiting for. Your heart is beating fast, your hands are moist, all kind of scenarios are dancing the tango in your mind. Relax, take a deep breath! You are some few lines away from the juicy gossips surrounding your favourite shows. Ready?

OH! The clock is ticking now! With your remote and some snacks within reach, switch to your favourite serial drama. How about being one step ahead with the juicy spoilers?

Any more ramblings… let’s dive into the juicy stuff.


EastEnders’ lovers, want to have a glimpse of episode 5744?

Where is Tina? What happened to her? A lot of questions surrounds her, right now. The last time she was seen in the pub, drunk and the Carters are alarmed by her mysterious disappearance. She has gone missing!  The telephone rings, Linda takes the phone call and she brings Tina back home. Linda feels that Tina is a little uneasy. What’s happening, Tina? She spells out her worries and further explains that Stuart is to be blamed for her past ordeal. Tina is in fact not aware that Mick is hearing all her revelations. In the meantime, Kandice is trying hard, not to participate in her charity commitments and hence forces Karen to help. In some other places, Hayley is shocked, as she discovers that the man from yesterday was indeed a police officer. Will she be thrown in jail? That is the question. Stay tuned to discover how the events will unfold.

Hey! Coronation Street’s fans, are you ready for some juicy chats on episode 9512?

Johnny refuses to listen to Liz’s advice. Since he was spotted buying baby stuff without the presence of Suzie, the police share with Eva that Johnny could have been an accomplice. Now, all the suspicions fall on Liz. Liz and Johnny are at the hotel; the latter goes on to explain that he has the desire to run from the police by going to Spain with Suzie. He further acknowledges his wish for Liz to come along. In parallel, Dev and Eileen try to convince Steve not to marry Tracy again. Will Steve change his mind? Keep on watching.

Some Emmerdale spoilers? Here is what you can expect in episode 8207.

Frank sees Maya going away from David’s place. He informs Tracy, who in turn lay bare her own news. Next, David feels uncomfortable when he realises that his doctor’s appointment is in fact with Dr Cavanagh, Maya’s husband. What will happen now?

Hollyoaks binge-watchers, have a glimpse of episode 4954?

Diane and Tony receive the news that Dee Dee must undergo a very dangerous treatment. They hesitate and finally, decide that it is too risky for her. In the meantime, Ellie does her best to enliven Alfie. She suggests that he takes Yazz on a date. At some point, Yazz becomes furious. Do you want to know why? Hum! Is there a kiss involved or not?

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