Your guide to bingo offers

Who doesn’t love a good bonus? We can’t promise you a 13th cheque at the end of the year, but we do have a whole host of bingo bonuses and offers for you to take advantage of! Now, we know that online bingo might not be quite the same as having a pint with your mates, gripped by the “cut the air with a knife” tension that comes with being in a bingo hall.

However, online bingo games do have something extraordinary to offer: BONUSES. And boy, are there a few of them! Every bingo site has its own kind of bonus and loyalty scheme set-up, and it can be quite confusing to distinguish between different ones.

That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at the most popular and common types of offer or bonus you’re going to get when playing online bingo. Let’s not dilly-dally then! Here are the most common bingo offers you are likely to encounter:


There’s nothing quite as sweet as getting something just for signing up to a site, and most bingo sites are widely known for this is a feature. Many offer bonuses on your first deposit, but some will up the ante and reissue them for second, third and fourth deposits. Most sign-up bonuses involving matching a certain percentage of your first deposit. So, for example, a site may give you a 100%-match bonus up to £300 when you put in your first deposit. This means if you put in £250, you’ll have £500 to play with.

As always, you should take a good look through each site’s terms and conditions to find out exactly what is on offer. You don’t want to find a tasty-looking bonus morsel only to discover that it comes with ridiculously high deposit requirements.


If you’re looking for a risk-free way to try your luck, then this is your opportunity. A no-deposit bonus is a wonderful way to try out a site you’ve not yet visited (and the games it offers), to get a feel for it without having to spend any money. This type of “try-before-you-buy” bonus is quite few and far between, so grab it with both hands if/when you see it!

When you register an account to receive a no-deposit bonus, you’ll get credit attached to your account (how much depends on the site itself). This means you can try to win without spending any money. Keep in mind, though, that some sites will attach wagering requirements to these types of bonuses, so you may have to put in a certain amount of money before you can withdraw any of your winnings from your bonus.


The best bingo sites will try to cushion the turmoil that comes with a losing streak by giving you a percentage of your losses back over a period of time. For example, you could get 5-10% of your total losses put back into your account at the end of every week. While this doesn’t eliminate the pain of losing, it does offer some sort of comfort at the end of it all.


The great news is it’s not only newcomers who get to take advantage of bonuses. We believe loyalty should always be rewarded, and that’s where reload bonuses come in. This is a bonus where you are rewarded for depositing a wager consistently. Some sites will have daily, weekly or monthly reload bonuses, but the premise is always the same: get a percentage of your reload wager back with a reload bonus. In other words: you get a reward for playing at the same site consistently.


There’s nothing much that beats bringing a buddy along to a fun event. Some serious bonding time has been done across bingo halls and bingo sites throughout the country. Want to know what beats that feeling, though? Getting rewarded for bringing a buddy with you to play online! Refer a friend and many sites will reward you with some cash/credits to take into your next game.


When you sign up for a site’s newsletter and other digital titbits, they are likely to reward you with a bit of extra wiggle room in the cash department. You’ll normally receive a bit of free dosh, like £20, in your account, and you can also expect to be offered free games, exclusive tickets, and more – straight to your email address.

More online bingo companies are rewarding players who follow their social media accounts. Sometimes you’ll get a bonus, others a free game, and you’ll also be first in line to enter any online competitions or take advantage of any special offers that online bingo sites post on their social pages.


Everybody loves a good birthday gift, even those grouchy folks who insist they haven’t celebrated a birthday since their early twenties. Everyone loves presents, too, and many sites offer their players an annual bonus on their birthday. You’ll probably be able to take advantage of a free game or two, or maybe a cash bonus. Remember to check out the timeframe for these kinds of bonuses: some might have to be used on your birthday itself, or in that specific week, or month.


“Why would you not use a bonus?” should be the question here! Bonuses can help to increase your bankroll exponentially. A £50 deposit can quickly turn into more than £300 if you play your cards right with bonuses and you’re having a lucky day. Put simply, bonuses give you more chances to win, while taking fewer risks with your own money.

There are a substantial number of bonuses that you should keep an eye out for – the ones we’ve mentioned above are just some of them. Taking advantage of bonuses is a great idea, but always remember to read the terms and conditions (“the small print”) before signing up!


At Lucky Pants Bingo, we love to reward our players for their loyalty. That’s why we always strive to offer great rewards and bonuses for those who choose to play on our site. Whether you’re here to enjoy slot games, our world-famous Slingo Bingo, or you just want to play some good old, traditional 90-ball bingo games, we’ve got specials and bonuses that will make your experience that much more enjoyable. Register to play at Lucky Pants Bingo and take advantage of all our wonderful offers and online bingo games!

Anonymous / 06 March 2021