Why we’ve loved slingo for over 20 years


As we’ve already mentioned, Slingo bingo isn’t what many would consider a traditional casino game, such as roulette, poker, or even slots, since it only came to life in 1996 (the concept is only a few years over the legal drinking age in some countries!). The idea for this brilliant game came from Sal Falciglia, a resident of New Jersey, US, who loved to gamble. He realised there were elements of bingo and slots that you could bring together to create something new and exciting, so he got to work on creating the first version of his new gambling game.

Sal built his prototype out of an old slot machine, combining it with parts of other old mechanical devices, and other bits and bobs. He was very proud of himself after he managed to make the prototype work, but there was just one problem: the machine was too heavy to move!

Without something to show potential investors, Slingo was doomed to never leave Sal’s house – a potentially groundbreaking game concept that would only ever be enjoyed by Sal, his family, and maybe a few of his friends. (Surely not, we hear you cry.)

Never give up!

Thankfully, Sal’s story didn’t end there. Realising the potential of video games, he managed to find a programmer to help him put together a digital version of his game, which he eventually sold to (at the time) internet giant America Online (AOL). AOL didn’t think the game would go anywhere, but its executives were bowled over when Slingo quickly pushed aside all its other games to become its number-one title. Not bad for a brand new game from a first-time game designer, hey?

Since then, Slingo has been developed and adapted for computers, consoles, and even social media platforms including Facebook, but it still took a while before it became a fully fledged casino game. It wasn’t until 2015 that Sal’s game was able to break out into real-money casino games. This happened after the Slingo company signed a deal with International Gaming Technology (IGT, to most of us), which collaborated with it to develop the first Slingo casino games.

And the rest, as they say, is history. The game went from strength to strength, with the company making new and exciting versions of Slingo, not least Slingo Advance, Slingo Riches, and its two-decade-celebratory game (which we’re going to take a quick look at below), Slingo Classic.


While the original concept and brand may have been born in 1996, the much-awaited Slingo Classic was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Slingo, in 2020. Fans are bound to be delighted by this ode to the original, which gives the older title a bit of spit and polish, but is otherwise a throwback to the much-loved first game.

How to play Slingo Classic

As with the original game, players start off with 11 spins, with the goal of completing 5 lines (horizontal, diagonal, or vertical) of matching numbers on a 5x5 grid that’s almost exactly like a bingo card. The 5 random numbers that you spin for are displayed below the grid, with any matching numbers being marked off the grid. The more lines you mark off, the greater your prize!

However, “devils” can appear to stop you; but don’t worry – you also have “jokers” and “cherubs” to help you, plus the chance to win extra spins. Once you’ve used up your initial spins and any free ones you may have picked up, you can pay a little extra for 8 more spins, which hopefully lead to even more wins!

Players can wager as little as 20p, but can win back as much as 125x their original wager if they are lucky. With an RTP (return to player) of exactly 95%, players may want to try their luck at larger bets, if they believe fortune is smiling upon them.


This remake of a classic game will undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms by older players and fans of the original. Slingo Classic embraces the nostalgia factor and is bound to hit all the right notes (er, numbers?) with its retro-styled graphics and design. But if you’re excited to give this title a go and take a trip down memory lane, where can you find it?

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/ 21 March 2021