Why bingo players love slots and slingo (and vice versa)

Many online bingo players around the world love playing other games like Slingo and online slots, and many Slingo and online slot players also enjoy playing online bingo. But why is this the case? Join us to find out more about why people love these games, and what they have to offer players.


The answer is pretty simple: all these games are (obviously) great fun, and they all offer an unbeatable, edge-of-your-seat gaming experience! But when we look at what these games have to offer, there may be other possibilities at play.

For example, bingo and slots are both pattern-based games, with players trying to get a specific combination of symbols to notch up a win, so they have a natural affinity. On the other hand, bingo players may love slots because they’re familiar, but offer just enough of a twist – by matching symbols with spinning reels instead of crossing off numbers on a card.

This idea could be combined with the incredible number of different themes and looks for slots games – again, adding more depth to the notion that players are on the lookout for something they know and understand, but with just enough tweaks to offer a “unique experience”.

Or it could be the anticipation of winning that both types of game offer is quite similar. After all, in slots, the excitement ramps up as you get the right matching symbols, and much the same could be said for bingo, with the player’s emotions building up to a thrilling, climactic finish as they cross off each number!

When you keep all these ideas in mind, it makes perfect sense why both groups of players love Slingo games! After all, Slingo is a combination of the best parts of both (a kind of “bingo slots”, if you like!), which means it’s going to catch the attention of people who love these experiences. It’s also a game that’s similar, but again, different, providing players with a game they can pick up and play pretty quickly.

While you might agree that these could be the reasons why bingo players love slots and Slingo (and vice versa), it might also be interesting to explore why people love each of these individual games. Here are a few more reasons why people love to play all these games.


This is a game that’s been around for literally centuries, with the earliest record appearing in Italy in 1530. Here’s why this much-loved game of chance has stood the test of time:

  • It’s easy to learn – Bingo games are really simple to pick up and play: within five minutes a complete novice can be having fun!
  • You can play with your friends – Due to the simple nature of the game, it’s entirely possible to play while having a fat chat with your mates.
  • It’s competitive, but also based on luck – There are many players around the world that take this game seriously, but thankfully not too much so, since the game is based on luck.
  • Games are cheap – You don’t need oodles of money to play – you can join a round for as little as 5p!
  • Naturally, it’s a lot of fun – Nobody would play this game if it felt like work, but thankfully it doesn’t! Bingo has been played for centuries for one reason that stands out above the rest: it’s really fun to play!


Slots have been enjoyed by people for over a century, with the first mechanical slot machine – which they called a “one-armed bandit” – catching people’s attention all the way back in 1894. Let’s take a look at why people have kept the reels spinning for so many decades:

  • Many slot games are simple to play – Much like bingo, many slots can be learnt fairly quickly. However, some do offer a slightly different experience from the norm, such as winning combinations and bonus games, making them slightly harder to pick up for first-time players. On the plus side, the more complicated games usually result in bigger winnings.
  • You can bet small or big – No matter what your gambling budget is, slots have something to offer for everyone, and you’ll find it’s easy to set the bet value you want to play with.
  • Many slots have unique features – If you’re looking for something different when you play slots, there are many titles that offer their own exciting features for players to enjoy (everyone has their favourite!).
  • They are a rollercoaster of fun and excitement – There’s something to be said for the feeling of anticipation you get as you watch the symbols line up and you hope to get that final one that sets you up for a big win. But regardless of whether you get to take home the jackpot, or miss it by one symbol, slots can still be a whole load of fun.


Slingo may be the new kid on the block, but it’s already grabbed its fair share of attention. Here’s why this new game has so many people playing:

    • It’s quick to pick up – While first-time players who’ve never played bingo or slots before may have a few more things to learn, experienced players of either will be able to quickly pick up this game, which fuses elements of the both games.
    • It’s the same, but different – As we discussed earlier, it takes aspects of two beloved games and combines them into a package that’s unique, but ultimately familiar to fans of both games.
  • It’s also affordable – Slingo games may not be as cheap as other gambling games, but with many of them starting at 20p, they’re not far off.
  • Fun and excitement is on offer – Yes, just like both the other games we’ve looked at, Slingo is a thrilling game to play (try it and we’re sure you’ll agree)!

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/ 25 March 2021