What skills does bingo help you learn?

For millions of fans around the world, bingo is something they play to kick back, relax, and have fun. But did you know that the game isn’t only a great source of entertainment, it also helps you develop certain skills and has other benefits? Here’s how this fun game can help you.

It boosts your mental skills

As fantastic as it would be to stay forever young, we can’t deny that our minds and bodies get a little bit worse for the wear as we get older. While it may not help with the physical sides of ageing (it’s a good thing we have exercise* for that), offline and online bingo games, and other games, can help boost your mental skills the older you get! As the saying goes, “Use it or lose it!”

A study** from the University of Edinburgh took a look at how games (more specifically ones like bingo, cards, chess, and crosswords) keep the old noggin’ well greased and functioning into your later years.

The researchers knew they needed to explore the long-term effects of game playing and its impact on your brain, which is why they split their study into two groups: those between the ages of 11 and 70, and those between 70 and 79. They came to the following conclusion:

“In this study, we found consistent evidence that playing more analog [sic] games is associated with significantly less relative cognitive decline from age 11 to age 70, and also less cognitive decline from age 70 to age 79.”

Here’s a more detailed breakdown on what this study found:

“Playing more games was also associated with less general cognitive decline from age 70 to age 79, and in particular, less decline in memory ability. Increased games playing between 70 and 76 was associated with less decline in cognitive speed.”

So do you want to keep your memory, problem-solving, mental speed, and ability to think in tip-top shape? Then it’s a good idea to play our favourite game!

It can improve your hand-eye coordination

It seems fairly obvious to anyone that’s ever kept track of 75 or 90 balls that counting numbers helps improve your hand-eye coordination. When the pressure is on, and numbers are being rattled off, you definitely need a quick hand, as well as a quick mind, to keep up. But is there science to back up this claim? Yes, there is!

A study from the University of Southampton’s Centre for Perception and Cognition at the Department of Psychology was done on the effects of bingo on 112 people. The people who got to play were found to have better hand-eye coordination than the group who did not.

While this may not be as important when you’re younger and able to juggle three balls while texting your friends, this is definitely something that will prove to be useful the older you get.

It can help develop your social skills

While some of us may be familiar with the lone player who always sits on their own, many more people use the game as a reason to get out and spend time chatting and catching up with their friends. The good news is, not only is the game a good excuse to hang out with your mates, but it’s also good at helping you develop social skills, and maybe even create some healthy rivalry too if you enjoy getting competitive.

In the book Games for Social and Life Skills, author Tim Bond discusses how games are vital for social development.

“…games offer the participants structured experiences that are particularly suitable for improving social skills. The structure of the game can focus the experience on specific issues. In addition, learning by direct personal experience has far more impact than being advised on the basis of someone else’s experience, which is inevitably second-hand. First-hand experience makes it easier for someone to relate to whatever they have learnt from the game and to apply it to everyday life.

“Games are an exciting and rewarding method of social education because of the way they use the social interactions within groups. This means that responsibility for the outcome of the game does not rest entirely on the facilitator’s shoulders but is the responsibility shared with the participants and is in itself a valuable experience.”

While this may not specifically refer to bingo, some of the ideas presented also apply to our favourite game of chance.

Now that we’re done learning, it’s time for some fun

As fantastic as it is to develop certain skills, the main goal for the online bingo site is–you guessed it–for our players to have fun! And the great news is, it’s not the only fun and exciting experience on offer at our bingo site. Apart from bingo games, you can also enjoy Slingo bingo, slots, scratchcards, and much more!

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Anonymous / 14 January 2021