Weird and Wonderful Types of Bingo

Bingo has always been thought of as a game for old people, but bingo isn't what it used to be. In fact, your Nan would probably have a heart attack if she knew what us whippersnappers have been getting up to while we play bingo! This is bingo in a whole new (strobe) light.


If you love bingo as much as we do, and play it either at bingo halls or online bingo sites (or both!), you’ll know there are heaps of different ways it can be played. Just the online version offers up a delectable platter of gameplay options. Some are weird, some are insanely colourful, and they’re all super fun and exciting. But what happens when you add loud music, glowing cocktails, dirty dancing and some of the tightest lucky pants you’ve ever seen? That’s right — you get the ultimate alternative bingo night out!

Bingo games have moved from the stale old air of bingo halls to the biggest night clubs and parties in town. Check out these amazing bingo events if you want to get a little bit more than lucky.

Bingo can be a wild night out

Online bingo sites are very popular with younger generations these days, and it didn’t take long for them to make the game their own! What used to be a quiet, boring evening with your grandparents, is now a crazy and wild night out with your mates. Bingo nights are now about getting down and dirty on the dancefloor and trying not to spill your drink while you fill in your bingo card. Now pull on your lucky pants, and make sure Nan is sitting down as we dive into the hottest and wildest bingo nights.

Lady Gala Bingo

This bingo extravaganza is a glitzy gameshow-meets-bingo night, and is hosted by none other than, the hilarious and glamorous, Lady Gala herself. She won’t be alone on stage though, as the rest of the fab crew will be right up there with her, dancing and singing and pouring bubbles. If you’ve ever been hosted by Lady Gala at the elegantly pink Rascals in Shoreditch, then you know how wild these nights can get. If you haven’t been yet, there is only one thing to do: GO! You won’t regret it.

Bring your mates and a hot date because this is a raucous night of drinking and dancing with your outrageously glamorous and naughty hostess. So, get ready for an evening of dance-offs, party anthems, booze and pizza!  Did we forget to mention there’s also bingo on the cards (excuse the pun)?

Rebel Bingo

Rebel Bingo is an intense and emotional style of bingo that can easily (hopefully) get way out of control. Even though parts of the bingo community tried to stop these events from happening, James ‘Flames’ and Freddie ‘Fortune’ weren’t about to give up on throwing the wildest bingo party they possibly could. Luckily for us, they did not disappoint.

To get an idea of what one of these crazy parties is like, try putting on insanely loud music, having a few shots, and switching your bedroom lights on and off as fast as you can! If you don’t want to annoy your neighbours or your roomies, then just get yourself tickets to the next Rebel Bingo party and lose yourself in a night of extreme and wild entertainment.

If you aren’t quite finished partying when you get home and want some more hot bingo action to go with your online bingo games, then take the party home with you with the Rebel Bingo live stream.

Bingo brunch can be hot and wild

I know what you’re thinking but don’t be fooled – brunch can be pretty wild and raunchy with these hot and heavy bingo parties. Let’s check them out.

Buff Bingo bottomless brunch

If you’ve ever thought that a bingo game at brunch needed more drinks, abs, and rippling biceps, then Buff Bingo is your dream come true. Have your brunch delivered to you by one of the gorgeous boy toys who are there to make sure that your glass of bubbly is never empty. And afterwards, make sure to pop by the clinic to get your blood sugar checked, because you might get diabetes from all the eye-candy!

Whether you want a vegan, veggie, fish or meat brunch, Buff Bingo has got every base covered. Tickets to this steamy brunch also include 1.5 hours of bottomless bubbles, 4 hours of interactive entertainment (which we will leave as a surprise for now), a live DJ, tons of dancing, and of course some saucy games of bingo.

Tizzy’s Dizzy bottomless bingo brunch

Some might describe Tizzy’s bingo brunch as irresponsible, pretentious, and even a waste of time... but we just call it fun! This colourful and extravagant burlesque performer loves a brunch bingo where drinking before midday is on the cards – that’s why she brought the bottomless bubbles!

Tizzy has dusted off her 80s bingo machine and brought the finest divas with her for a cabaret-fuelled event filled with dancing, drinking, and of course, wild bingo. If you are looking to live life in the glitter-covered fast lane, then this is the bingo brunch for you. So, squeeze into your hottest hot pants, grab your bottomless Mimosa, and get ready for some hot bingo action.

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Lisa Stormings / 13 October 2020