The top bingo games of 2020 at lucky pants bingo

Hundreds of thousands of players around the world had a great time playing at their favourite bingo site in 2020, but are you wondering which games players at Lucky Pants Bingo enjoyed the most? Here’s a look at the types of online bingo games, as well as the top two experiences, that our players had the most fun with in 2020.


If you’re from the UK, you’ll instantly recognise 90-ball bingo. This much-loved version of the game has (surprise) 90 numbered balls, and is a classic part of British culture, just like tea, fish ’n chips, and cricket. The game is played using a card with a grid that’s 3 lines tall and 9 lines wide. Each column of the grid can contain numbers randomly chosen from a specific group of numbers.

For example, the first column can contain numbers one to nine, the second column numbers 10 to 19, the third column 20 to 29. This pattern applies to all of the remaining columns, except the last column, which likes to be a rebel and also has the number 90. (And it’s a good thing too: if it didn’t, we’d have to call this game “89-ball”, and that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it).

For those of you who are thinking about keeping up with all those numbers (27 to be exact) – don’t worry, you don’t have to: each row only contains 5 numbers, so there are only 15 actual numbers on the grid! Each of these values is randomly chosen from the range that appears in its specific column, so you don’t have to search the entire card looking to see if you’ve got a number or not.

But enough with the rules already – how do you win? It’s simple: complete a single row of numbers and you’ll qualify for a “one-line” prize! Complete two rows of numbers and you’ll qualify for a “two-line” prize! Complete three rows of numbers and call your nan to let her know that you’ve just won the “three-line”, aka the “full-house”, prize!

At Lucky Pants Bingo, our players enjoyed a variety of 90-ball games in 2020, depending on their budget and the game themes they liked. Players joined in the fun of 90-ball games for as little as 1p with Penny Paradise or aimed for the big leagues with prizes going all the way up to £125 in Deal or No Deal.


If you prefer bingo games with an American flavour, you’re probably a fan of 75-ball. This take on the game is slightly different from the classic British counterpart, just like British and North American biscuits – both are delicious baked goods, but with their own unique characteristics!

A game of 75-ball is played with a card that has a 5x5 grid. Sometimes the card has the letters B-I-N-G-O across the top of the grid, and the centre square usually contains a star or similar icon as a “freebie” for the player. Much like the 90-ball version of the game, each column on the card will only contain a specific range of numbers. The first column contains five random numbers between one and 15, the second column five random numbers between 16 and 30, the third column five numbers between 31 and 45, and so on for the rest of the columns.

While this means you have more numbers you have to keep track of (either 24 or 25), there’s a major upside to this: more ways to win! The classic game of 75-ball can be won by completing a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row, but some games also include more interesting winning patterns using shapes like letters, animals, or other objects.

At Lucky Pants Bingo, players again had a choice of 75-ball games in 2020. For as little as 5p or 10p, they could enjoy games including Saucy 75 or Deal or No Deal Bingo 75, with prizes again climbing higher than £100!


Imagine if someone took the best parts of 75-ball and 90-ball, and combined them into one amazing online bingo game? That sounds great, right? Well, no need to imagine what this would be like, because someone did exactly this with 5-line bingo! This take on the game, which is sometimes also known as Swedish bingo, features a 5x5 card and 75 numbered balls, just like 75-ball. But this game is slightly different in that the card doesn’t give players a free number in the centre.

While many players might be sad to see their extra shot at winning go, it’s not without a good reason. This is where 90-ball comes in: fans of the UK version will appreciate that winning 5-line is just like their favourite game experience. That’s right: there are no fancy shapes to worry about – players just need to get matching numbers in a row! Just like 90-ball, the game carries on until all the rows (in this case five) are completed.

So if you’re looking for something that offers you the best of both worlds, be sure to give this exciting twist on the game a go!


While players may have enjoyed all these different types of games, were there ones that stood out? For sure! Our players had a stupendous time getting into two of our fantastic games: Penny Paradise, and Naughty 90.

  • Penny Paradise – If your bank balance is looking a bit rough but you still want to enjoy some fun games, then pop by Penny Paradise at Lucky Pants Bingo! This favourite bargain 90-ball game costs just 1p to play, but offers the chance to win up to £110! This game has additional benefits such as One To Go (1TG) prizes (for those who were just one number short of a win), and Roll On bingo, where players keep on playing after a full house.
  • Naughty 90 – The second most popular game we’re looking at is also a classic 90-ball game, called Naughty 90. This game has a higher entry fee than Penny Paradise at 30p, but offers players the chance to win a fantastic jackpot of £250! It also offers players 1TG prizes, and Roll On games, so be sure to check it out if you want to have a go at winning big!


Whether you’re keen to play our most popular titles, or you’re looking for something a little bit different, we’ve got many fun and exciting online bingo games for you to try at Lucky Pants Bingo! Here you can enjoy experiences like Fluffy Favourites Bingo, Electric 80, and many more exciting bingo games.

And as we all know, variety’s the spice of life, so if you decide you want to try something a bit more exotic, we also have a variety of online slots! Try your luck at the reels with titles including Gems Gone Wild: Power Reels Progressive, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot, and Starburst, or check out our range of Slingo bingo titles to spice things up even more!

To begin playing these games, as well as the other fantastic experiences we have on offer, sign up with Lucky Pants Bingo!

Anonymous / 02 February 2021