Which One of the 6 Types of Bingo Players Are You?

When you bring people together in any kind of room, you start to see all the different personalities come out. While you can’t get to know these living souls through their physical mannerisms in an online chat room, in an online bingo game, all you’ve got to go by is what they type in the chat box.

From years of experience hosting chat rooms, we’ve noticed that six personality types come up a lot. Find out which one you are below!

The top 6 bingo personalities

People play bingo games for all kinds of reasons besides wanting to win a prize! Some are looking for a laugh, or a bit of banter, while some might be solely focused on trying out different strategies. There are even some who are just waiting for an opportunity to highlight a naughty innuendo.

Whatever your motivations, we’re sure you’ll find something of yourself in one or more of the personality types below.

1. The joker

Even if you’re all playing behind screens and only sharing your personality through text in a box, the joker is a standard feature of any social situation. We all know the type from school days – they’re the person always making quips and drawing attention to themselves.

While some might get annoyed by the joker’s constant stream of one-liners, they also help to keep things light and entertaining, which is what bingo is all about, right?

2. The strategist

While the joker is out to have a good time and make people laugh, there are also more serious folk in the chat rooms. Perhaps more of the introverted sort, you might not hear much from them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying the goings-on.

The strategist’s focus is just different, and it’s on how to make the most of the game! Or at least doing what they can to try and implement their strategies in a game of chance that’s run by RNGs (random number generators).

3. The naughty one

Similar to the joker, the naughty one is one of our favourites, as you never know when they’re going to have the opportunity to pipe up! While they might not be as chatty as the joker, or as focused as the strategist, they will be the first one to pick up on any typo made by the chat moderator (CM) and be sure to add a lewd twist to it if they can.

Of course, this only applies to naughty jokes that are actually funny, and not downright offensive. The CM will certainly not tolerate anything that’s going to cause alarm or outrage, and will eject anyone from the game who’s trying to upset the apple cart!

4. The chatterbox

Everyone who comes to a bingo site to play is going to be talking to other players and throwing out comments during a game, but some like to have more of a natter than others. Some might also find this difficult to keep up with, but if you’re looking to connect and make friends, the chatterbox is your go-to! When we’re looking for new chat moderators, we’ll certainly know who’ll be the first to send in their CV.

5. The supporter

If bingo was played on a field, these would be the people shouting from the sidelines. They’re the first to congratulate anyone on a win, and you just know that they’re the type of person who’d bake you a cake on your birthday if virtual birthday cakes were a thing. (They’ll probably just settle for a birthday cake emoji, and many, many exclamation marks.)

While their enthusiasm might be overwhelming to some, it comes from a good and innocent place, which many of us can only hope to know. Our only wish is that there are just as many supporters out there cheering them on, too!

6. The competitive type

A bit of healthy competition is perfectly fine, and we all know what it’s like to have a bit of a competitive streak. There might be some players who like to celebrate their wins in the chat box more than others though! We know that the supporter will be the first to send them an online high five when they do win, but as long as the competitive types aren’t gloating and going overboard, these kinds of players also contribute to keeping spirits high.

Of course, with any of the types above, the CM and common sense need to step in to make sure that these games, and chat box conversations, are enjoyable for everyone. After all, online bingo’s not only about winning. It’s also about having a good time – but responsibly, and not at anyone’s expense.

Note that no matter what kind of bingo player you are, you can always switch things up for a bit and play some different games, like online slots, if you’re ever looking for a change of pace.

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/ 31 August 2021