The Most Common Bingo Player Superstitions

Stevie Wonder may have poo-pooed superstitious types when he sang “superstition ain’t the way”, but we all know there’s many of us out there who touch wood and would think twice about walking under ladders… or taking a lift to the 13th floor.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of this kind of behaviour, it’s fun to read about people’s sometimes quirky beliefs. As you might have guessed, there are many of these when it comes to the colourful characters who play in-person or online bingo.

Find out what the most common superstitions in our favourite numbers game are below.

Night of the week

While you’re right to think you can play online bingo games any day of the week, there are many players out there who believe that playing on a particular night will increase their chances of winning. As if!

It may be more appropriate when playing at a bingo hall, where perhaps you’re limited as to when you can play, but know that when you’re playing online, any time of day could be potentially lucky!

A lucky friend

Another one of the many good luck superstitions that people have when trying their hand at games of chance is that playing with certain people by your side will increase your chances of taking home a prize.

While we think that having a lucky friend is excellent, you don’t need to play with anyone when you log in online, even though you can connect with as many friendly characters as you like in the chat rooms.

Lucky charms

Of course, you can’t have a list of superstitions without mentioning lucky charms, and in the gambling world, there are many of them. From four-leaf clovers and horseshoes to frogs with coins in their mouths and a rabbit’s foot, there are too many different items from around the world to mention in one post.

So whether you like to put a crystal in your bra or have your lucky keyring nearby while you play, we guess there is no harm in keeping a talisman on/near you to stir up feelings of good fortune. Some sources even mention people surrounding their playing area with coins while they’re daubing, although we can’t say we’ve tried it! (Just don’t be disappointed if your charm fails to come up trumps, because we all know that games of chance really can go either way.)

Sitting in the same seat

Once again, this is probably more relevant when you’re playing in a hall with loads of other people, and a limited number of seats, but even if you play online, you might have a favourite spot that you feel helps you bring your A-game when you sit there.

We would recommend shifting things up, though, as sitting in the same seat for too long probably isn’t the best idea for your back (although if your “seat” of choice is a lucky hammock swinging in a tropical island breeze, we might have to eat our words!).

Lucky/unlucky numbers

The number 13 has been dreaded by anyone with triskaidekaphobia for aeons. Still, many people, no matter what games they prefer, will likely be drawn to particular numbers over others.

There’s no way to control what numbers you’ll get on your ticket, but perhaps when you see some of your favourite ones pop up on a ticket or your screen, your gameplay will feel a bit special, if only for a short while!

Changing pens or daubers

There’s no need for a pen in online versions of our favourite number-calling game, but stalwarts and real-life bingo fans may be attached to a specific colour of ink, or pen, that they like to use to daub numbers at in-person rounds.

Once again, the random nature of the game means it doesn’t matter what colour ink or pen you use, but if holding a lucky pen or using a specific colour to auto-daub with on your device makes you feel more inspired to play, that’s fine by us!

Lucky rituals

All the superstitions we’ve discussed up to this point have been the kinds of things that people might not notice, so many of them can be kept “on the DL”.

But when it comes to lucky rituals, there’s no hiding them, unless you’re playing solo at home online. Some of the more bizarre examples include getting the caller to perform certain rituals to “bless” the game, and people walking around their seats a certain number of times to ensure a good round.

Although we can’t say these techniques work, we’d suggest that if you are looking to bring a bit of excitement to your gameplay, instead try something new, like Slingo games, which are a mash-up of bingo and slots!

Lucky wardrobe

And now comes the part where we happily get to harp on about the possibility of wearing a lucky pair of pants! This is one superstition we’ll happily get behind, as it not only speaks to our brand, it’s also the silliest (and therefore most fun) of them all!

Of course, even though a lucky pair of pants is a discreet choice, people are known to employ more noticeable lucky wardrobe items, including hats, scarves, jewellery and even socks. All we can say is that it’s best to choose something comfortable and steer clear of anything that’ll get in the way of gameplay.

Rock out with your charms out at Lucky Pants Bingo

No matter what blows your hair back when it comes to feeling inspired, at Lucky Pants Bingo, you can play all kinds of different games, and let your “freak flag” fly when it comes to any type of rituals or wardrobe items you’d like to try (we’re not judging).

While we, of course, can make no guarantees of the effectiveness of any superstition, what we can promise is that whether you choose to play bingo or slots online (or anything in between), you’ll be 100% entertained when you register at Lucky Pants Bingo!

/ 07 December 2021