The Craziest Pants That People Actually Made

Trousers (or pants, if you watch a lot of American shows, but hopefully you’ll forgive us here for the word play) come in all shapes, designs, colours, and fits. But what makes a pair your favourite? It may be that you have a good day every time you wear a certain pair, or that your too-good-for-this-world mum sewed you a pair that has remained your favourite since your teens. Whatever the fit, feel or aesthetic of your personal pants, they continue to make you feel good no doubt; maybe they even played a role in the winning streak at your last online bingo session!

But while pants come down to individual preference, there are a few pairs that we can collectively agree are a bit too crazy, even for the folk at Lucky Pants Bingo, who are all for the weird and wonderful!

Let’s take a look at some of these failures on humanity’s part.

Boot ‘pants’

Not to be mistaken with boot-leg “pants”, these are boots and trousers – in one! But don’t expect to find these trousers in the clothing section: you’ll need to go to the shoe section, as they are identified primarily as boots; they just happen to go all the way up, putting knee-high and thigh-high boots to shame. You know what they say: the higher the boots the… No, never mind, we have nothing.

Detachable jeans

Perhaps these exist because you never know when a wild animal will be chasing you and you’ll need to detach the legs from your pants to get away.

These potentially life-saving jeans have a nappy-like cut that sits uncomfortably just under the butt and are attached to the legs of the pants via traditional jean buttons (not the quickest release mid-chase, we might add). Starting at just £300, you can catch celebs such as Gigi Hadid sporting these… and if you’re wondering why, you’re not alone.

Muddy jeans